The Westbourne.


This Page details changes that have occured to the Westbourne, We update the Current Page regularily, and transfer old stuff here for those of you who want to know the past!

Our description written in 1997 ran thus "The Westbourne has two bars. The back bar is a little spartan, it is where old men sit amidst clouds of smoke watching endless sport on TV. The front bar is a lounge, there is no juke box, just piped musak.
There is a reasonable selection of real ales and they serve good food (check out their toasted baguettes for a cheap snack)
The landlord is miserable in the extreme and unless you wear a suit with an overly obvious mobile phone poking out of the pocket he will make you feel unwelcome. Have long hair and feel more uncomfortable...Swear and be banned (unless of course its while ostentatiously shouting into that mobile phone)"

The refit has swept away most of the interior, but the landlord remains....

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