The Uplands Tavern


This Page details changes that have occured to the Uplands Tavern, We update the Current Page regularily, and trnsfer old stuff here for those of you who want to know the past!

Called Streets, immensly popular with Students, It was Swansea's first Theme Pub, (Before Theme Pubs really Existed!), It had Mock shop windows in the walls and even a Telephone Box.

The name changed to Uplands Tavern, the pub remained popular with students and the alternative Music crowd, Had a great atmosphere, but the preponderance of long hair, scruffy jeans and weird music on the Juke box scared off many of the "Townies".

Then came the refit, lots of disco lights, a bowling alley and a new clientele who were not student friendly. In fact they were not friendly to anyone! It is not worth elaborating on what followed but the best landlords the brewery could get failed to halt the slide. CCTV was installed but the trouble continued. Finally, after a string of incidents during the summer of '97, doormen were brought in and things settled down, though the pub was almost empty.

It took the removal of the Bowling alley and the Introduction of Live music to bring the Punters back.
The doorman have been stood Down and the tav has returned to it's old freindly self..

Tune Town a local charitable musiscians group pull out ot the tavern and some bar staff leave following a dispute with the manger on new Years Eve. The pubs music scene is affected a little, as Tune Town relocate to the Celtic Pride.

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Closest pub, The Celtic Pride 50 yards