Fineleg and firkin.


This Page details changes that have occured to the Fineleg and firkin, We update the Current Page regularily, and transfer old stuff here for those of you who want to know the past!

THE student Pub, It was the most popular pub outside the Uni, Also had the Locals side, where A small group of local builders and fisherman would pull their stools up to the bar and block it off to the students!
There were regular events and DJs nights.The Rag Beer Race would also start here.
Into the '90s the brewery neglected The Cricketers, eventually the long standing Landlord and lady departed to run their own pub, the seats were mostly boken and the place was a mess.

summer '97
The refit
It needed a refit, but Allied Domeq, the owners made a fatal mistake, after over 100 years as the Cricketers they changed the name to the Finelg and Firkin, The bar had been in the centre, they moved it to the side and generally altered the pub beyond recognition.
The Locals Never returned, so it was now a Student pub and nothing else. The problem is that students soon got bored with it!

Summer '99
Allied Domeq sell all the Firkin Chain to Punch Taverns, we wait to see what changes in Managment will come.
Summer '00
Amazingly nothing has changed, the pub remains little used by locals, but may get a boost when the Students return.

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