This Page details The History of Diva's, We update the Current Page regularily, and transfer old stuff here for those of you who want to know the past!

Diva's Has little History, it did not exist until the Mid 90s.
Along with every other college in the UK, the students had the imaginitively named
Mandela Bar.
Mandela Bar was on the top floor of...erm...Mandela House, 3 flights of stairs away from the nearest toilet.
It was neglected, it stank and it was a great venue for gigs.
The Early 90s saw Blur, the Levellers, The Manic Street Preachers (Twice) and a host of other indie bands play there. without the pull of live Music no one would have drunk there at all.

Memory fails us, but about this time the new bar was commissioned, the name was the result of a competition in the student newspaper.
Diva's replaced the much loved Coffee Bar, which was the place where college drop outs had congregated since the 60s, the Coffee bar is sorely missed.
Initially there was a healthy rivalry with JCs though this seems to have cooled of late.

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