The Celtic Pride


This Page details changes that have occured to the Celtic pride, We update the Current Page regularily, and transfer old stuff here for those of you who want to know the past!

Traded as Uncle Sams, The first in a string of tacky Americam Bars.

MID 90s
Name changed to Celtic Pride, it is a long narrow room with the bar half way up causing a huge bottleneck on busy nights.
One of the best regular live music venues in the City, though it has no stage and the bands end up in various parts of the pub, none of them suitable.
Has heavy wooden furniture and ornate Celtic Knotwork designs on the Walls

June '99
Pride Closes!
With very little warning the Landlady decided to leave and closed the pub, within a week, the pub was boarded up and covered in flyposters, rumours circulated as to what would happen next, but no one seemed to know for sure

June '99
Pride re-Opens, Little has changed as a result of the shut down, various lave bands and open Mic nights ensue and even an Open decks Night with Banging Hard House!
Little has changed during the closedown except the removal of many of the Celtic designs from the wall and most of the nice furniture.

March '01
New Management again, The main changes are Techno out and Sunday Lunches in.. For description, see Current Page

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closest pub The Uplands Tavern