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Check out this cool acrimony page It Has lots of info
Below is a very brief summary...

Acrimony formed in 1991, recording thier first demo "A Sombre Thought" in '92, then a 7" for the Belgian Label, Shiver Records.
The first 'LP Hymmns to the Stone' was recorded in '95 for the Italian label, Godhead. Summer '97 saw Acrimony's second LP' Tumuli 'Shroomasoon' released on MFN/Peaceville.
They have toured throughout the UK, and recently in Belgium & Holland (Ha ha!)

Cited influences: 70s Heavy Rock including Black Sabbath, Hawkwind and Thin Lizzy. Also Psychedelic trance-techno, old School Crustcore and shanmanic experiences.
Acrimony deny any inference that drugs might influence thier musuc...

Thier Albums are currently avaliable from all good record shops but not More Music!
New tracks are being written for a Peaceville compilation, 'The Grinding Light', these include cover versions of The Doors 'Exploitation' and Status Quo's 'Oh Baby'
Apparenly, behind Acrimony is THE HIGH HOLY STONE-the holy entity that is contacted when under the influence of Psycho-active drugs.

June 1999 Update... Acrimony may have split...No bad feelings, just too busy getting stoned to do the band..



Afterglow are a 4 Piece who formed in December 1997. They are an indie/punk band with ambitions. They recently made a self financed Cd in the deepest darkest valleys, if you thought Blaenymaes was rough.. well . The sound is varied as the members have have all got different musical tastes but it works... somehow. They have a very rhythmic sound and "the bass and drums are the shit"
Cited influences: Stone Temple Pilots, Marilyn Manson, THE PIXIES, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Tool, Cold, Pearl Jam, Pantera, Placebo, Life of Agony to name but a few.
Have just recorded a five track CD and it will be available from either contacting them by E-Mail or phone. the Cds will probably be priced about 3.00 but we dont know just yet. you can email afterglow_19@hotmail.com for more details
Finally...James would like to say the following I'm going to stand on my soap box for a minute and preach about the lack of music venues in Swansea. Its f**king shit theres a handful of pubs to play in and if you really want to play you have to hire out a room and charge at the door which we shouldn't have to do. Theres so many good bands in Swansea thats its a waste. Everyone was going on about Newport being the new Seattle last year and I know for a fact that there a much better bands in Swansea. I think now its time for all the bands who are serious about the music to sort some thing out before all the music is wasted and lost.

Updated Jan '99


The Awkward Smiles

The The Awkward Smiles have 4 members and formed in October 1999.
Of their Musical Direction they say"Chord based indie-alternative band. We don't try to sound like anything in particular, and so most of our songs sound completely different to anything else we've done, while still sounding relatively mainstream. If anyone wants to hear us, then go to our website at www.theawkwardsmiles.freeserve.co.uk where we've put recordings up."

Cited influences: Longpigs, Ash, Travis, Stereophonics, Super Furry Animals, Manic Street Preachers, The Who, Radiohead, Geneva, Grandaddy, Pavement, Gomez.
Recorded material: A demo tape, which is available free to any venues and bands who are interested. Email tas@theawkwardsmiles.freeserve.co.uk for details.
Updated oct '99



Bean(0) formed in 1997, they have 5 members and play Everything that can possibly rock from slower emotion fuelled numbers to hard and fast full tilt energetic passionate power.
Cited influences include, Soundgarden, Therapy?, feeder, Kyuss, Pearl Jam.
Recorded Material: Four track E.P. Available soon e-mail Bean0@mindless.com
Bean(0) would Like to Bragg: "Sorry but I`m just fed up of crappy little bands strutting around as if there f**king rock and roll gods, We dont claim to be the greatest thing since sliced bread but at least we`re better than these arrogant wankers, You know who you are, and if your reading this and have a problem with it then try and prove me wrong and show some talent and originallity (That means not ripping people off by the way). Just thought I`d Get that off my chest. Keep an eye out for posters/flyers and come see how to do it properly" Updated Nov '99


Thee Babelfish

Formed in 1999 Thee Bablefish have Between 4 and 10 members(depending on people's moods).
Thee Babelfish make recordings which are extremely lo-fi, though somehow find their way onto compact disc. We use such instruments as trumpet, bodhran, drums, chainsaw guitars, cheesy 60's organ, saxophone etc etc. We think we make pop music, every other bugger thinks we make a noise. Buy the record...decide for yourself.

Cited influences: Nurse With Wound, The Pooh Sticks, Photographed By Lightning, Brainticket, The Stooges, The Bonzo Dog Band, Hawkwind, Grateful Dead, Crass, Dead Kennedys, Faust, Funkadelic, Parliament, 13th Floor Elevators.
Recorded material Thee Babelfish are currently recording tracks for their second album, provisionally titled "Frontal Jism Enema" but now more likely to be titled "Smashed in The Face By Bees". Their first album, "Southern Discomfort" has now sold out and may be repressed next year. Earlier this year they released a tribute to that doyen of cut-price television, Mal Pope which proved to be unpopular with both Spiv and Mal Pope. Band members have also been working on the new Disasters album, and the new Photographed By Lightning album. Thee Babelfish have also finished a mini album which will be released next year under the name "Mark Chapman & The New Beatles". There may be gigs soon, there may not...for further non existent details and excuses of inactivity mail sydh@freeuk.com
Thee Babelfish would like to bragg, "We have nothing to declare but our ineptitude."
Updated sep '00


Blue Hole

Blue hole have 4 members and formewd in the Dawn of time.
"Since man first crawled from a pool of shitty gunge obscurity A.D. Blue Hole was an inevitability. Consisting of four underestimated undertalented indigenously creative homo sapiens, this band has no sights set upon world domination or any of that mallarchy. Merely spending hours setting up a nice mix then the entire gig switching everything gradually up, like every other f**king deadbeat band in Swansea (but with a little more...je ne sais quoi)"

Cited influences: Stella Artois, QueensOfTheStoneAge, Fortified wines, Muddy Waters, Entombed, Glenmorangie, Sepultura, Heineken, Tom Waits, Charles Mingus, Golden Virginia, Kyuss and all that shit.
No vinyl out there yet. Watch this space. (contact 01792 464344)
Updated Jan '00

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Formed in October 1999 Blueprint are 4 strong. They play "Rocky, fast, catchy and melodic with emphasis on strong vocals and harmony. Like it or not you will leave a blueprint gig with at least one of our tunes in your head."
Cited influences: "We don't really know what or who our sound is like, but Texas, Garbage, Stereophonics, Travis, REM, Delirious, and (reluctantly) Oasis are fairly near the mark.".
No recorded material just yet. Any details will appear on the website.
Other contacts: blueprint@multimania.com Phone 07968 747618

No Bragg: Moremusic would like to add that we like modesty, it means we have to type less... Updated May '00


Ch'p Run Roadkill

Formed in 1994 (as 'Grump'), Ch'p Run Roadkill have 3 members In their own words they Play "Three chords and long words- just like every other guitar band but better."

Cited influences: The Misfits, The Stooges, cheap beer, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Meatmen, DOA, Mudhoney, Ghostbusters & The Savage Dragon.

Recorded material: New EP(CD only), 'CRAZED & DIFFUSED', out now on 'Gargling Tar'. Available at selected outlets(always available at the Comix Shoppe, 13 Shoppers Walk, Swansea- purveyors of fine literature and good taste), as well as at gigs or via e-mail (3 for six tunes).
You can buy the EP, or find out about gigs from grumpgrump@hotmail.com or on the phone from (01792) 529591
Updated sep '99



Goatboy are 4 strong, they got it together in 1998 They are An upbeat devil rock drum and bass hop combo. Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals and Turntables.
Cited influences: > Captain Beefheart, Jon Spencer, The Stooges, Mudhoney, Frank Zappa, The Stones, AC/DC, Elvis, etc.
Recorded material The Gospel According to Goatboy - CD - 12 tracks. recorded last year. Superlube - CD - first real album. Mixing at the moment. Recorded at Mighty Atom Studio, and will be available soon, from thefollowing sources:
goatcom@hotmail.com and http://www.mightyatom.co.uk

Goatboy would like to bragg > Website should be up and running very soon. Haven't bought the domain name yet, but it will be one of the two listed below : (Domain Names removed....They can be purchased from more Music at an inflated prce if you still want them!!)
Updated May '00



Headcase are a loose collective centred on slice and nobsta, who have been together in bands of some form for 10 years now.
Their involvement in Hip Hop culture, Djing, Graffitti etc goes back to the earliest days (around 1981)
>From '89-91 they were called Mortal Danger, the new name was then adopted after a band member left.
At the end of 1989 there was interest from Music Of Life records and and with the help of DJ Leader 1 (MC Dukes DJ) a track called "No Retreat, No Surrender" was produced. It was never released. The decision was taken to change direction. A New demo was released, called "Ripping Up The Rule Book." This demo recieved some attention and plenty of constructive criticism. The real problem was that people could not get their heads around the Welsh Accent!
Not wanting to lose that identity all together "Weng-lish" was adopted and in 1993 a new demo was released called "Steel Toe".
Steel Toe was a fresh start and saw the bands own unique Identity breaking through. What they like to call the Wonky Style was originated and this has led the band in a whole new direction.
They state their current ambition as being "To come out using our own Swansea Accent no matter Where it takes us"

  1. Dek Masha Slice AKA Slicer Man
  2. Nobsta Nutts AKA Nobsta Man
  3. Shonky (The 3 Legged Donkey)
  4. Boswell
  5. Messiah (The Dubious One)
  6. DJ Cuz (The Butcher)
  7. The EHF AKA fog scratch leg
  8. DJ Jaffa
  9. Sparky
  10. Prime
  11. Kela (Firefighter Potts)
  12. Dirty Reverend Jez

The Members play in a total of 7 Separate bands.
Recorded material avaliable: See Contact details below to obtain any of the following:
Ripping up the Rule Book (1991 demo)...A few tapes still avaliable
Steeltoe, 1993 Demo, A few still avaliable
Headcase Ladz, Wonky 'Edz..Thee album NOW OUT!!!!
Also check out Shonky's album, due in '98 This will also feature various artists from the consolodated groups. it is predominantly produced by slicer man and features productions from Dj Cuz. It is titled "Straight from the Donkeys Mouth"
Lastly, a 3 Track 12" From Boswel, also produced by Slicer Man is Due Out in Oct '98. As yet untitled

Wonky Wax Independants
c/o Steve Cullen,
45, Cromwell Street,
Mount Pleasant,
SA1 6EY.
Tel : (01792) 519645
Updated July '98 (this Info Is out of Date!!! Update soon)



Herb provided us with exactly 11 words of information about themselves!
Swansea based, they are a 4 piece and have played together for 3 years. They describe their musical direction as "The top".

Cited influences: Bob Marley, Brad & "others"
No Recorded material avaliable at present, but watch out for a CD single soon.
Updated oct '97 (Still playing Sep 00 Get in contact boys!)


Johnny Wishbone and the Voodoo Starfish

Johnny Wishbone and the Voodoo Starfish ae a four piece, who formed in the autumn of 1999. they are "Llanelli's premier Bubblegum Punk Pop outfit who gig mainly in Llanelli or Swansea. Well known for the hit single 'The Fish Song'."
Cited influences: Slade, Zappa, Gorky's, Pig Ugly. We've been compared to the Monkees e.g. 'That sounds nothing like the Monkees'
One 4 track EP available at the Masons Arms, Llanelli or e-mail mark.
Bragg: (actually this looks more like an advert) Check out more Llanelli bands at http://www.mp3.com/VoodooStarfish
Updated May '00



Laughterhouse exists simply because it has to! A screaming primal response to the banality of a dead scene. A triumphant collage of pulsating trancient soundscapes and psyched-up, hyped-up, f**ked up goddamn rock 'n' roll. Two, seemingly opposing elements that exist in an uneasy synergistic relationship within the confines of the group. An end of the millenium attempt to find excitement in music once more.
Cited influences: Post-hardcore / post-modern / post-rock / post-alservice, call it what you will, it doesn't f**king matter.
No Recorded material avaliable.
The geetar is dead, long live the geetar!
f**k the past! f**k the future! The present is all that counts
and you can't count on the present.
Then again, perhaps we're lying!
Perhaps not!

Can u dig it?

Updated Mar '99, reformed and doing Well, autumn '00



Leash have 3 members and came together in 1998 They play rock music and can bragg KKKK - review in kerrang, been on Radio One "blah blah etc"
Cited influences: Faith no More, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam
But they sound similar to : (well sort of) Manics, Stereophonics, Lit

Recorded material: Free Music at http://www.mp3.com/leash CD also from the same address "Face of Truth" EP for sale for 2 available from Owen (01554) 774581 or from the Masons arms in Llanelli Leash bragg: "Have a listen - we don`t need to say anything else"
Updated Nov '99



Lethargy are a 4 Piece Just over a year ago, they hail fron Tycoch, Swansea.
Lethargy's musical directions vary from the punkier side of rock to heavier stuff . lots of energy and plenty of distortion hide the fact that Mial and Adam are playing complex chords. Being more of a live band that makes you want to get up and hit the person next to you. Perhaps.

Cited influences: Influenced by bands as diverse as Green Day, Therapy?, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and the Foo Fighters, as well as the Beatles (because, who isn't?).
we have no recorded stuff yet as we are too poor, if you feel like making a donation consisting of lots of cash send it to:
9 Llwynmawr Close

Finally, in Lethargy's own words..
Go here:
Enjoy it.
Come along to our gigs.
Like what you hear.
Give us money.

Updated Mar '99


Losing All

Losing All formed in 1996 and have 3 members they play > heavy sludge stoner rock basically the bass is loud as hell and the guitar's are detuned low....
Cited influences: Down, eyehategod, kyuss, crowbar, black sabbath, corrosion of conformity and and a bit of pantera.
No Recorded material avaliable but wathch this space!
Losing All would like to bragg: come see us .....you will leave with a bloody nose and broken bones and a smile on your face!!!

Updated April '00



Motherland got it together sometime during 1998 there are 3 of them... In their own words "Motherland, based in Swansea, Wales, a small British post-industrial city,are one of a new generation of British bands integrating contemporary American musical influences to craft music with its head and heart wired for rock'n'roll soul."
Cited influences: Counting Crows, Tonic
Recorded material:- The core trio are pleased to hit you with their debut CD, "Better Than This", ten songs that take fifty years of rock and remake it into a near-future edge radio experience with teeth
Bragg: Motherland sent no bragg, (how can you be cocky living in a post industrial british city?)
They do have an excellent website and their own Yahoo club
Updated may '00


My Little Eskimo

My Little Eskimo formed 2 Years ago, there are 4 members they describe their direction as "Kind of punk/pop/rock. Heading in many directions all at once!"
Cited influences: In no specific order:- Wildhearts,NOFX,Faith No More,No Use For A Name,Iron Maiden, Atari Teenage Riot,Thearpy?,Cater U.S.M,Chumbawamba,Beatles, AC/DC,Machine Head Plus others that I cant remember.
No Recorded material avaliable.
Updated Dec '99



Nevertheless are a four piece, they formed in December 1999, thier music is "Stoner Rock, Plain and simple"
Cited influences: kyuss,black sabbath,trouble,obbsessed,down,e,h,g,fu manchu and more!
no Recorded material avaliable Unfortunatly were 2 poor 2 afford a studio and all that fancy stuff all we have is the drums and p,a no tricks.
Bragg: not much but if u like true stoner rock come listen
Updated oct '97



Refrain are 3 strong, they formed in 1998. Of their music they say "Our musical direction has been somewhat decided by our own differences n taste! For instance, the drummer Gav is into the likes of Pantera and Fear Factory, but the singer/guitarist and bass player are more into the beatles and David Bowie etc"
Cited influences: Pantera, Bowie, Beatles, Black Sabbath.....
No Recorded material avaliable...yet, Email refrain_wales@yahoo.com or call 029 20810525, as there will be some!
Bragg: Yes, we are being filmed for Young Gifted and Broke and we have our own website, which I have lovingly created! http://www.refrain.freeserve.co.uk
Updated June '00



Remedy's four members joined forces in 1998, of their direction they say "Sometimes forwards sometimes backwards!no seriously,we are a sort of rocky poppy type of band who need giggs and lots of money now......"
Cited influences: u2, aerosmith, sex pistols, dogs d'mor, guns 'n' roses, the alarm, the manics, the 'phonics, all the old rockers, blur, oasis & any band that can play a song that will grab you by the scruff and shake you all about
No Recorded material avaliable, but Remedy are going to be recording a ten or twelve track cd very soon
Bragg: > we are a four piece band with two members from port talbot and two from swansea,we write all our own songs but we do play a couple of covers from our wide range of influences,we are also lazy gits and now we realise that we have to start playing,so please will someone show some interest in us!! ta...
Bookings Dubz@Kristen.freeserve.co.uk or 01639/813460
Updated may '00



Salt 3 have Members, Evan Davies, Bobby Cole and Andrew Borland... They came together in 1998.
In their own words they are "We are a band who perform a mix of originals and covers, so there is something for everyone. Mainly a Punk-ish band, who although have only just started doing gigs have gone down well so far where ever we play."

Cited influences: Evan Davies :- The Smashing pumpkins, Nirvana, The Foo Fighters, Limp Bizkit and Marilyn Manson
Bobby cole :- Green Day, Nirvana, The Who and The Beatles
Andrew Borland :- The Beatles, Nirvana, Placebo, Marilyn Manson and R.E.M.

No Recorded material avaliable, but expect some stuff soon...(contact borlandandrew@hotmail.com or Phone 01792 290506
Finally Salt would like to bragg, "We were recently robbed at a battle of the bands, not that we are bitter of course. "
Updated mar '00



The Somethings are a four piece, they formed in October 1998 and play "A selection of original happening tunes from Swansea based, The somethings."
Cited influences: Beatles, Jellyfish, Beach Boys, Fleetwood Mac, Gomez, all Welsh signed and unsigned Bands
Recorded material "You can pick up a copy of our latest four track demo by mailing us at thesomethings_uk@yahoo.com or by calling 01792 418238
and finally "Thanks to all of you who have supported us at our gigs, keep telling your friends"
Updated March '00



A 4 Piece, based in Swansea, Sparrow Lane have been together about 1 year.
Their music is jangly indie-rock, mostly original material but also some covers.

Cited influences: Byrds and Neil Young.
No Recorded material avaliable.
Updated oct '97



Stark are four strong, they formed in November 1999 of their musical direction they say "A hybrid dance/punk band that are very melodic, very LOUD and also madder on stage than your average Sex Pistol. (Just ask any bewildered person who attended their gig for the Sick Of Drums lauch night at the BeatBox.)"
Line Up
  • Tom Stark - Guitars/Backing Vocals
  • Ben Stark - Vocals/Guitars/Samples
  • Ian Stark - Drums/Percussion/B.V.'s/Samples
  • Carlo - Bass
Oh yeah, and the band would also like to announce that their ex-bassist Gaz "is a complete and utter arsehole."

Cited influences: range from The Clash, Chemical Brothers, Wildhearts, Manics to the Animals.
No Recorded material Yet but Before the end of the year Stark will be featured on the Sick Of Drums (swansea web-zine) compilation, tentatively titled 'React or Die' which will be released in late 2000 through Nunzilla Records
Bragg Keep up to date with the latest news on Stark, Gigs and other stuff by sending an e-mail to the band.
Updated april 00



Talisman have 4 members, and formed in Feb 1999 oF THEIR STYLE THEY SAY"We play a wide range of music but mostly indie/rock. We play things that we can jump to! Guitar driven original material mixed with the odd cover version for good measure. We play loud but tunefully (most of the time!). We try to write and play songs that get stuck in people's minds and that they can sing along with."
Cited influences: "Our main influences are the Stereophonics, Manic Street Preachers, The Smiths and The Beatles. However, we are influenced by nearly any music we hear."
Recorded material: in the process of recording now and currently have one CD available 'Patient 3' consisting of two original songs (Patient 3 and Childhood) and one cover (Panic by The Smiths)
Talisman would like to add: Contact us at manicstreet24@yahoo.com to find out more or for the address of our web site. We don't claim to be the best band around right now but we're gonna damn well enjoy ourselves until we are!!
Updated May '00


Tin Pan Alley

Tin Pan Alley formed in 1995 thet decribe themsleves as. " Classy 3 piece blues band. Very versatile. Able to rock it up with the best and play the delta/Chicago blues style. Mixture of original & modern/classic blues material, also a selection of slide guitar songs."
furthermore they say:- " If you love the blues, then miss this band at your peril. Already starting to cause a ripple in the Welsh blues scene."

Cited influences: Peter Green, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Gary Moore,Robert Johnson
Recorded material:- CD "All Mixed Up" 11 original blues songs, available at gigs for 7.00. or email sbyrne3618@aol.com
Bragg: We're not saying we are the best, but you'll have to go a hell of a long way and pay small fortune, to see a better blues band. If you love the the blues, then you'll love us. Go on, check us out, you won't be disapointed !
Updated July '00



Zest are a duo, they formed in 1999 They add, "we are two chilling girls who like to have fun and we are pop based if you like pop music nowadays your definetly gonna like us."
Cited influences: whitney houston, mariah carey, celiene dion, abba, syeps, (did you mean Steps?) westlife.
No Recorded material avaliable. Watch this space!
Bragg: we want to sing so any gigs will be great just give us a ring (526743 and 426628) or email us
Updated May '00