Blue Hole's Bragg

Well I got up, put on my head, counted three flies on the wall and stopped thinking about women...I got this beebop babe in my brain but then you know and I told you so and you got mould in your ears from them girls and I got shit between my teeth...she said GO GET A JOB with her eyes she fluttered her lashes like she knew like I'm going to drain this bad blood by giving her a piece so I took my beer goggles for a check up and thay said GO GET A JOB but my dick fell off selling plastic for Ronald McSpastic and now you a ten ton train and nowhere to go. All you fuckers running slow; Piece of electric meat freely seething a breeze sat on my rooftop fagless and sober...Lucy in the sand with Didges...get the fuck out of my cosmos piece of electric meat miles from a radio and blaring static like a wet television...Are you going to go my way? I heard your shitty lips whinge yesterday I seen those eyes on a million dead guys I must have seen light like nuclear vision that shines dimly out of women's arseholes but pierces clouds in Africa, turns skin to crisp wisdom My girl got bugs in her hair.

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