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Quick Notes

  1. If you are unsure of how to spell the item you are searching for type part of the name. Eg. Spiritualised
  2. Try different spellings and/or shorter strings of text if your first search fails
  3. The format search allows you to select unusual formats such as CD3 Warning: you must reset the format to show all before conducting your next search
  4. Please ignore the Genre search, you can click on the genres at the end of each results page
  5. Searches are not case sensitive.. ElViS pReSLeY will work just fine!
  6. Our artist searches include the full item description and may lead to irrelevant results, our title searches do not include descriptions. If you get too many matches for the artist try searching under title

More Detailed Notes

Artist and title search
You do not need to type the full artist name or title. This is important if you are unsure of spelling. E.g. people often search our site for Spiritualised and get no matches, this is because it is spelt Spiritualized! To get round this you can just type "Spirit". This will bring up all artists with Spirit as part of their name incl. Spiritlifter, Spirits and Spiritualized.

If you type in part of a name and get 2 many results simply increase the length of the string you type.

Label Search
If you select Label the same rules apply, E.g. a label search for "hoo" will turn up all items we have on both Hooj and Hook recordings.

Format Search
The format field allows you to narrow any of the searches described before. We recommend you leave this set to "display all", Unless there is a format you do not want; to remove CDs from the results select "Vinyl Only" or to remove vinyl select "CDs Only".

If you collect a certain format such as CD3 you can select it to see what we have. If you select CD3 and leave the other fields blank you will see everything we have on that format.

Genre Search.
You do not need to use this as all our genre classifications are displayed on every result page! Simply Click on the genre of your choice and browse

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