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This is the homepage of the Swansea Webring. If you have a homepage with content on Swansea or just happen to be lucky enough to live here you are eligible to Join!
Fill out the form below and then paste the webring code onto your homepage. You should be signed up within 48 hours.
Joining the webring will bring local visitors to your page.

To see what the code will look like on your site, go the end of this page.

List of sites allready in the ring

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Setup Hints
Once you have signed up, simply paste the HTML fragment onto your homepage, the ring is in automated mode and will find the code within a few days.
If you are not moved from the queue to the ring there is probably a problem with the HTML.

Below are the main problems and most likely reasons for them, logon top the webring and go to edit your details...
At the bottom of the edit page it will tell you when the HTML fragment was last checked a little about why it failed.

This Swansea site owned by More Music.
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