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CDsPacificaSummertime4 versions, Lemon GrooveLGVRCD2EX3.00
PRO CDsPadilla, Jose feat. Angela JohnWho do you lovePromo, Radio edit, Chicane radio editManifestoFESCJ 45EX/EX3.00
CDsPalm Skin ProductionsCondition Red4 tracks, incl. 'Accepted Weekly Draw', 'Up and Down', and 'Beats of Burden'HutHUTCD72EX3.00
CDsPandoraNil By MouthCd single in album box, 2 versionsSuper Villain ProductionsSVP 001CD5EX/EX3.00
CDsPapa Bear , feat. Van Der ToornCherishPromo, 4 tracks, incl. 'One 4 Da Money'UniversalUMD70316EX/EX3.00
CDsPaperdollsGonna Make You Blush2 versions, plus extra track, 'Where Are You'MCAMCSTD 40175EX/EX3.00
CDsPara Y SolFeels Like Sunshine3 versions, incl. ' Solar Vocal'Undercog recordsU-DOG 7-001EX3.00
CDsParadisioSamba del Diabolo4 versions, incl. 'Sunny Club Remix', and 'Fiesta Club Mix'EdelERE47725EX3.00
CDsParis, MicaBlack Angel2 versions, plus extra track, 'Carefree'CoolTempoCDCOOL341EX/EX3.00
Pro CDsParker, AndreaThe Unknown3 tracks, incl. 'In Two Minds', and 'Clutching At Straws'Mo WaxMWR098CDSPEX3.00
CDsPartizanDrive Me Crazy4 versions, incl.mixes by Tin Tin Out, and Dex & JonesyMultiplyCDMULTY17EX/EX3.00
CDsParty Band/ AlexandraKalinka5 MixesJiveRTD103.2426.3EX3.00
CDsParty, AlexRead my lipsSaturday night party, Sunday afternoon party, Rhyme time partyCleveland city importsCCICD 17000EX/EX3.00
CDsPashaGuts…Butts…Cd single in an Album Box, 2 versions, incl. 'The Ultimate holiday', and 'Wobble Till You Drop Mix'Nasty MusicNR1EX/EX3.00
CDsPast Present Organisation, theItchy FeetPromo, 2 versions, plus extra track, 'Number 9'Acid JazzAJX 107CDEX/EX3.00
CDsPaul Van DykAnother way/ Avenue (mixed)DeviantDVNT35CDREX3.00
CDsPaul Van Dyk/ Saint EtienneTell me Why (the Riddle)CD1 of Two, Incl. PVD MixDeviantDVNT36CDSEX-3.00
CDsPeachMade In VainPromo, 5 versions, incl. Beatmaster's mixMuteCDMUTE205EX/EX3.00
CDsPeachOn My OwnDigipack, 5 versions, inclmix by KlubbheadsMuteCDMUTE198EX/EX3.00
CDsPeachOn My OwnPromo, 6 versions, incl. Mixes by klubbheads, dave Bascombe, and Keith LitmanMuteCDMUTE 215EX/EX3.00
CDsPeniston, Ce CeKeep Givin' Me Your Love3 versions, incl. 'Fierce West End Mix'Columbia661473 2EX/EX3.00
CDsPeniston, CeCeSomebody else's guy4 versions incl. classic funk radio mix of 'Finally'AM:PM582 511-2EX/EX3.00
CDsPenn, DawnNight & Day (baby I love you so)1994 release, Radio edit, Augustus pablo mix #1, #2, #3, version #2, extended dance mix, Roots dubBig Beat / AtlanticA8249CDEX/EX3.00
CDsPenn, DawnYou don't love me (No, no, no)1994 release, original radio, remix edit, extended mix, remix, instrumental dubBig Beat / AtlanticA8295CDEX/EX3.00
CDsPenthouseRemix EPCD single in an album Box, 4 tracks, incl. 'White Coal', 'Voyeur's Blues', 'Road Rash', and 'Lap Dog Shuffle'Beggars BanquetPENT1CDEX3.00
CDsPeplabRide The PonyPromo, 4 versions, incl. Remixes by Norman CookDistinct'iveDISNCD 48EX/EX3.00
CDsPerfect PhaseHorny Horns3 versions, incl. 'Bootleg Horns'PositivaCDTIV123EX3.00
CDsPerfecto AllstarzReach Up (Pig Bag)3 versions, plus extra track, 'Zed's Dead'EastWestYZ892CDEX3.00
PRO CDsPerpetual MotionRompa StompaCard sleeve, 4 versions, incl. 'Perfect Phase Remix', 'Perpetual Motion's Pumping Mix', and 'Shadow Mix'Wax recordsWEA301CDDJEX/EX3.00
CDsPersonelleNearly Missed Your LovePromo, 4 versions, incl'HotHouse Mix'LMPLMPXCD001EX/EX3.00
CDsPersonelleReboundPart1 of a 2cd collectors set, cd single in album box,3 mixes of 'Rebound' also R&B mix of'NearlyMissed Your Love'LMELMPXCD112AEX/EX3.00
CDsPeshaySwitch2 versions, plus extra track, 'Retro', in a clear plastic envelopeBlueBLUCD100EX3.00
PRO CDsPeshay, feat. Kym MazelleTruly2 versions, incl. 'Farley & Heller Main Vocal Edit'BluePFACDJ4EX/EX3.00
CDsPF Project feat Ewan McGregorChoose LifeRadio version, Original 12 mix, JDS vocal mix, Tour De Force remix, PF's Rant on mixEMICDTIV 84EX/EX3.00
CDsPhat N' Phunky Feat. RozallaFriday Night4 mixes,including K Klass mixRiversal Records (Universal)MCSTD40183EX/EX-3.00
CDsPhats & SmallTurn Around2 versions, incl.'Blunt Radio Edit'MultiplyCDMULTY49PEX3.00
CDsPhats & SmallTurn AroundRadio edit, Norman Cook remix, Chris & James remixMultiply recordsCDMULTY49EX/EX3.00
CDsPhatt BAnd Da Drum Machine3 versions, incl. 'BK remix'Nulife7.43E+10EX3.00
CDsPhiladelphia BluntzBluntz ThemeDigipack, edit, uptown connection mix, Rennie Pilgrem's Thursday club mixAutonomyCDAUTO007EX/EX-3.00
CDsPhilip, DonSugar2 versions, plus extra track, '7 Days of Heartache', and videoJive9250842EX3.00
CDsPhoebe OneGet On It4 versions, incl. Mixes by DJ Spinna, and C-SwingMecca RecordingsMECX1017EX3.00
CDsPhoebe OneOnce In A LifetimeCD2 (of a 2CD set?) 3 versions, incl. Mixes by Cevin Fisher, and Shy FXMeccaMECX 1014EX/EX3.00
CDsPhoenixHeatwave3 versions ,including' I Love You', remix by Cruz EstebanSource (Virgin)DINSD 189.7243 8 96145 2 7 EX/EX3.00
Pro CDsPhotekMine To GiveDJ Promo, in plastic sleeve, 7 versions, incl mixes by David Morales and Satoshi TomieVirginQEDCD10EX3.00
PRO CDsPhotekTerminusPromo in customised card sleeve, original, edit, plus 'Infinity' & 'DNA'VirginQEDCDJ 8EX/EX3.00
CDsPhunky DataHard Night3 mixesSekence Edition/Universal MCAEDL 4986-2EX/EX3.00
CDsPhunky DataHard NightIan Pooley MixEdel65945CLUEX3.00
CDsPhunky PhantomGet Up Stand Upmixes by Tony de Vit, KLM, TinTin Out & Super EgoDistinct'iveDISNCD 44EX/EX3.00
CDsPianomanparty People(Live your life be free) 3 remixes by Umboza,Hectors House,and Powerhouse as well as Original mix3 Beat Music3 BT CD1EX/EX3.00
CDsPigforce9ine MMPromo, 4 tracks, incl. 'Armed Response', and 'No More Music By The Suckers'IslandBRCD349EX/EX3.00
CDsPiloteNo TruckExtra tracks, 'The Ol' Electric Chair' and 'Junior'Certificate 18 RecordsCERT18CD006PEX/EX3.00
PRO CDsPinkMost GirlsPromo, radio edit, instrumental, plus 'Call out research hook'LaFaceLFPCD-4469EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsPiper, BillyWalk of lifePromo in customised card sleeve, radio mix, Lottie's midnight mix, twister mix, plus 'Caress the gold'VirginSINSALES23EX/EX-3.00
CDsPiu, Mario pres. DJ ArabesqueThe VisionVision 1 radio mix, Starecase's B52 mix, BK & Nick's SentienceBXRBXRC 0253EX/EX3.00
CDsPiu, Mario pres. DJ ArabesqueThe VisionVision 1 radio mix, Starecase's B52 mix, BK & Nick's SentienceBXRBXRC 0253EX/EX-3.00
CDsPizzamanHappinessEat me edit, Club mix, Playboys Fully loaded dub, Original mix, Euro mix, Playboys Fully Loaded dubCowboyCDLOAD29EX/EX3.00
CDsPizzamanSex on the Streets5 versions, including mixes by Red Jerry and Tall Paul & TinTin OutCowboy Records (Loaded)CDLOAD24EX/EX3.00
CDsPlanet Perfecto feat. GraceNot over yet 99CD 1 of a 2 part set, radio edit, Matt Darey remix (edit), Da Sickboys remixCodeBlueBLU004CD1EX/EX3.00
CDsPlanet Perfecto, feat. GraceNot Over Yet 993 versions, incl. Mix by BreederCodeblueBLU004CD2EX3.00
CDsPlanetfunkChase the sunRadio edit, Extended club mix, instrumentalVirginVSCDT1794EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsPlasmaDo You BelievePromo, Angelic edit, Original editWonderboyWBREF 019EX/EX3.00
CDsPlastikmanRecycled PlastikKrakpot, Elektrostatik, Spaz, Gaz remix, Naturalistik, SpastikMuteCDNOMU 30EX/EX3.00
CDsPlaygroupMake It HappenCard sleeve, still sealed, 2 versionsSource (Virgin)SOURCDSP017EX3.00
CDsPlaypenRunning Free3 versions incl. 'Newdiscofun mix'POPPYCD17EX3.00
CDsPlexiqColour my day5 versions, incl. 'Carapace mix', 'Rocket mix', 'Ostinato mix', and 'Island Bros. Mix'ClearspotCDM05437EX3.00
CDsPlutonicLondiniumincludes extra tack,'Bridge', and Londinium remix by OctamanIntegrity recordsINT 006CDEX/EX3.00
CDRPM DawnGotta Be …Movin' On Up3 versions, incl. Mixes by Grant & Adams, and Andy Bradfield, in a clear plastic envelopeGeeStreetPM4587EX3.00
CDsPM DawnGotta Be...Movin On UpIncl. Mixes By Morales, Andy Bradfield and Grant and adamsV2GEE 500 3933EX3.00
CDsPM Dawn feat Ky-ManiGotta Be..Movin' onn Up3 versions and extra track 'Perfect'Gee streetGEE5001137 3EX/EX3.00
CDsPod, theI Wish I Knew / Hope3 tracks, incl. 2 versions of 'I Wish I Knew', and one of 'Hope'TrebleclefPODCD1EX3.00
CDsPoint BreakWhat About UsCD2, 3 versions, plus CDRom VideoWEAWEA314CD2EX3.00
CDsPoint BreakWhat About UsCD1, CD single in an album box2 versions, plus extra track, 'Give It Up' and free PosterWEAWEA314CD1EX3.00
CDsPointer SistersFriends Advice (dont take it)Remixes By Shep PettiboneMotownZD43678EX3.00
CDsPolo, JimiExpress YourselfPromo, 5 versions, incl. Mixes by Mousse TPerfectoPERF146CD1EX/EX3.00
CDsPooley, Ian900 DegreesRadio edit, Pooley's new mix, Pete Heller main mixV2VVR5015143EX/EX3.00
CDsPooley, Ian feat. Rosanna & ZeliaCoracao Tambor2 versions, plus extra track, 'What's Your Number'V2VVRS014403EX3.00
CDsPorn KingsAmour (c'mon)Radio edit, with 6 remixes, by davy T, PornKings, Funkdog, Lockout, Versace & Rocco and DJ SupremeAATWCD GLOBE 152 EX/EX3.00
CDsPortisheadAll Mine3 tracks, incl. 'Cowboys'Go Beat571597 2EX3.00
CDsPound, Casper, Feat. PlavkaLiquid Love3 versions, incl. 'RHC mix', and an acapella versionSidewalk musicCDRSN2002EX/EX3.00
CDsPowell, SylviaButterflyExtra tracks, 'Cross the Line' and 'La Vie Electrique'Deconstruction (BMG)74321 51483 2EX/EX3.00
CDRPowerhouse feat. Duane HardenWhat You Need4 versions, incl. 'Full Intenton Power mix', 'Lenny Fontana Original Mix', and 'Richard F Vox Dub'DefectedCD-R 74 44#C03EX3.00
CDsPowerhouse feat. Duane HardenWhat You NeedFull Intenton Power mix', 'Lenny Fontana Original Mix', and 'Richard F Vox Dub'DefectedDEFECT3CDSEX/EX3.00
PRO CDsPraga KhanLonelyPromo, 7in mix, Greasy bass, Court CircuitR&S RecordsRS 99158 CD PROMOEX/EX3.00
CDsPressure DropWarrior Sound2 versions, incl.'Ed Case & Carl H remix'ColumbiaXPCD1327EX3.00
PRO CDPressure DropSamplerPromo in customised card sleeve, 5 tracks from the elusive pressure drop albumSonyXPCD 891EX/EX3.00
CDsPrice, DarrenLose No Time4 tracks, incl. 'It's Movin', 'Friction', and 'AutoX'NovaMuteCDNOMU33EX3.00
CDsPrice, KellyFriend of MineRadio edit, Junior's dance mix edit, Album versionIsland Black musicCID 723/572 456-2EX/EX3.00
CDsPrice, KellySecret Love3 versions, incl. So So Def mixesIsland Black MusicCID 739EX3.00
CDsPrickly HeatOooie,Oooie,Oooiemixes by Frank N' Furter and Ruff & Ready RooferVirginVSCDT1727EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsPriest, Maxi duet with Elisha La verneBack together againPromo in customised card sleeve, 3 mixes - without rap, with rap, K. Warren remixVirginVUSCDJ157EX/EX3.00
CDsPrince BusterWhine and Grine3 versions, plus extra track, 'Bad, Bad, Bad'IslandCID691EX-3.00
CDsPrince, FionaHigh On You AgainPromo, CD2 (of a 2CD set?)3 versions, incl. Mixes by Arvel & Eli, and Groove DeluxeDisco VolanteDVS-1008-CD2EX/EX3.00
CDsProdigy, theBreatheDigipack, Parental Advisory Warning, 4 tracks, incl. 'Their Law', 'Poison', and 'The Trick'XL RecordingsXLS80CDEX3.00
CDsProdigy, theFirestarterDigipack, 3 versions, incl. 'Empirion Mix', plus extra track, 'Molotov Bitch'XL RecordingsXLS70CDEX3.00
CDsProdigy, theVoodoo People3 versions, incl. 'Dust Brothers Remix', plus extra track, 'Goa'XL RecordingsXLS54CDEX-3.00
CDsProdigy, theWind It Up2 versions, plus extra tracks, 'We Are The Ruffest', and 'Weather Experience'XL RecordingsXLS39CDEX-3.00
CDsProdigy, TheFire / JerichoLimited edition, edit, sunrise version / Original version, Genaside II remixXL RecordingsXLS 30CDEX/EX3.00
CDsProdigy, TheSmack My bitch upDigipack, edit, DJ Hype remix, plus 'No man Army' feat. Tom Morello & 'Mindfields' - astrorock dubXL RecordingsXLS 90 CDEX/EX3.00
CDsProf-X-or,DJWalkin' On Up6 mixes, including Twink's Pelvic Thrust Mix, the Prof-X-or Satisfied Mix and the W-K Beta MixNucleuz (MCA)MCSTD 40098EX/EX3.00
CDsProject 23Day of sunshine5 versions, including 'Tek 99 Reinterpretation','Drum FM Nature Active Remix' and Timmi Magic's 'All I Want Dubmix'Dorado RecordsDOR053CDEX/EX3.00
CDsProject PitchforkExsistence4 versions, incl. VNV Nation remix, Zeromancer remix, Extended sphere mixEastWest8573-86756-2EX/EX3.00
CDsPropellorheads/ Shilrley BasseyHistory Repeating3 mixesWall of SoundWALLD036EX3.00
CDsPropellorheads/ Shilrley BasseyHistory Repeating3 mixesWall of SoundWALLD036EX/EX-3.00
CDsProphets Of SoundHigh4 versions with extra production by Dillon &Dickins, and Dylan 'Earl' Barnes & Jem Panufnik for Sunflower Records and Higher state productionsDistinct'iveDISNCD 47EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsPsycoreThe ZooPromo, edit, Utah Saints remix, Apathy Allstar mutation, plus 'Friends and family' & 'Inside my Universe'V2WR5010523EX/EX3.00
CDsPublic AnnouncementBody Bumpin' Yippie-Yi-Yoremix by Mike Dunn, R&B remix feat. Mingo Valentino, and extra track 'Y to the YippieA&M582 697-2EX/EX3.00
CDsPublic DemandInvisible6 versions, including remixes by M.Doc,Dillinja, Steve'silk' Hurley , Tha' force and Ethnic BoysZTT Records (Warner Music)ZANG85CD/0630-16599-2/LC4281/FRANCEWE739EX/EX3.00
CDsPublic Domain feaT cHUCK dRock Da Funky Beats7 radio edit, Bumping Bass mix, Original Bass mixXtra HardX2H3CDSEX/EX3.00
CDsPublic EnemyDo You Wanna Go Our Way?Card sleeve, still sealed inside cellophane wrapper, this is the first single lifted from the There's A Poison Goin On… album, previously only avaliable on the net.Pias recordingsPIASX 005CDSS/S3.00
CDsPublic EnemyHe got gameRadio edit, LP version, plus 'Resurrection' - LP version & instrumentalDef Jam568 985-2EX/EX3.00
CDsPuff Daddy & The FamilyIt's all about the BenjaminsFeat. The Notorious B.I.G., Lil' Kim, The Lox, Dave Grohl, Perfect, Fuzzbubble & Rob Zombie, Rock remix I, album version, Rock remix II, DJ Ming & FS drum n' bass mixArista/Puff Daddy74321 56197 2EX/EX3.00
CDsPuff Daddy & The FamilyBeen around the worldFeat. The Notorious B.I.G. & Mase, radio mix, album version, plus 'It's all about the Benjamins' feat. The Notorious B.I.G., Lil' Kim & The Lox - album version & Mo Cheddar mixArista/Puff Daddy74321 53944 2EX/EX3.00
CDsPuff Daddy feat. Jimmy PageCome With MeCD 1 of a 2 part set, music from Godzilla the album, radio version, Morello mix, Tony Montana and Deric 'D-Dot' Angelettie and Sean 'Puffy' Combs remixEpic666284 2EX/EX3.00
CDsPuff Daddy, feat Hurricane GP.E.2000Parental Advisory, part 2 of a 2CD set, 2 versions, plus extra track, 'Victory'Arista74321 69498 2EX/EX3.00
CDsPuff Daddy, feat. Jimmy PageCome With MeCD 2 of a 2 part set, Music From the Godzilla The Album, Parental Guidance Warning, 3 versions, incl. 'Apollo Four Forty Remix', and 'Stealth Sonic Orchestra Remix'Epic666284 5EX/EX3.00
CDsPuff Daddy, feat.Mario WinansBest Friend3 tracks, incl. 'Do You Like It ….Do You Want It', and 'Bad Boy's Been Around The World Remix'BMG74321 71231 2EX3.00
Pro CDsPullen, StaceyVertigoDJ Promo, in plastic sleeve, 3 versions, plus 2 versions of extra track, 'Juke'VirginQEDCD9EX3.00
CDsPulszarCan't HelpExtra tracks, 'Icebreaker', and 'Hanging', also the 'Neon Junky Mix- Radio Edit' of Can't HelpSchism RecordsSCH007EX/EX3.00
CDsPure sugar feat. Jennifer StarrDeliciouswith Vission & Lorimer Klub mix, and extra track 'No More words'GeffenGFSTD-22355EX/EX3.00
CDsPurityBullets for words and Pheromone2 versions of 'Bullets for words' , extra track, 'Pheromone'Tommy Boy MusicTBCD 7458EX/EX3.00
Pro CDsPurityInterference3 tracks, incl.'Baby Universe' and 'Dark Water'Tommy BoyTBCD7317EX3.00
Pro CDRPurple PenguinRaw Deal epCDR, 2 versions, plus extra tracks, 'Elite', 'Interlude', and 'East of West'Cup of TeaCOT056CDEX3.00
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