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CDsF, AdamMusic In my MindCD2 of 2, 5 versions incl mixes by Adam F, Deep Dish & DJ KrustPositivaCDFJS003EX/EX3.00
CDsF.U.N.KZum4 versions, incl 'Sure Is Pure remix'PharmCD PHARM2EX/EX3.00
CDsFace On MarsThe Bug Enhanced Cd includes vital info on the millenium bug, Cd single in album box, 3 versions, plus enhanced CDStranngelove MediaSM2000EX/EX3.00
CDsFactory Of Unlimited RhythmThe Sweetest Surrender3 tracks, incl. 'No Ordinary Life', and 'Releif'KuffKUFFD6EX/EX3.00
CDsFaithful, theTheatre Of Dreams2 versionsXT recordsGUFTOD 001EX/EX3.00
CDsFaithlessDont leave4 MixesCheekyCHEKCD.012EX3.00
CDsFaithlessReverence2 versions, incl.'Matty's remix', plus 2 versions of 'Insomnia', incl. Mixes by Armand van HeldenCheekyCHEKXCD 019EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsFaithlessWe Come 1Promo, 3 versions incl mixes by Rollo & Sister Bliss, Dave ClarkeBMG74321 850842EX/EX3.00
CDsFaithlessTake the long way HomeRadio mix, Rollin' mix, Epic mix, 16c+ remixCheekyCHEKCD.031EX/EX3.00
CDsFaithlessGod is a DJRadio edit, monster mix, serious danger remix, sharp remixCheekyCHEKCD.028EX/EX-3.00
CDsFaithlessBring my family backRadio edit, paul van Dyk mix, Jan Driver 'Boombastic' mix, Rollo & Sister Bliss monster mixCheekyCHEKCD.035EX/EX3.00
CDsFamily StandGhetto HeavenRemixes By Jeff Ishmael, Roger RuffPerfectoPERF156CD1EX/EX3.00
CDsFamily Stand, theShades of Blue2 versions, plus extra tracks, 'New World Order', and 'Say Love'EastWest (Time Warner)5767-96197-2EX/EX3.00
CDsFamily Stand, theYou Don't Have To WorryPromo, 4 versions, incl 'Me One remix', and 'BigBird remix'EastWest (Time Warner)E3852CDEX/EX3.00
CDsFat Boy SlimPraise You3 tracks, incl. 'Sho Nuff', and 'The Rockafeller Skank'SkintSKINT42CDEX-3.00
CDsFat Boy SlimRight Here Right Now3 tracks, incl. 'Don't Forget Your Teeth', and 'Praise you'SkintSKINT46CDEX/EX3.00
CDsFat Boy SlimSunset (Bird Of Prey)2 versions, plus extra track, 'My Game'SkintSKINT58CDEX/EX3.00
CDsFat Boy SlimPraise You3 tracks, incl. 'Sho Nuff', and 'The Rockafeller Skank'SkintSKINT42CDEX/EX3.00
CDsFat Boy SlimThe Rockafellar SkunkShort edit, Original plus 'Always read the label' & 'Tweakers delight'SkintSKINT 35CDEX/EX3.00
CDsFat Boy Slim, feat. Macy GrayDemons3 tracks, incl. 'Demons', 'The Pimp', and 'Camber Sands'SkintSKINT60CDEX/EX3.00
CDsFat Les Naughty Christmas (Goblin in the Office)2 versions, plus extra track, 'Cards on 45'TelstarNECKCD001EX/EX3.00
CDsFat Les Vindaloo3 versions (Radio Laughter and Karioke)TelstarCDSTAS2982EX/EX3.00
CDsFatboy SlimRight Here, Right NowEx-HousemartinsSkintSKINT46CDEX3.00
CDsFatBoy SlimYa Mama/Song for ShelterSkintSKI 671749 1EX/EX3.00
CDsFelicidadDam Dam DeoPromo, 4 versions, incl. 'Miami Coconut Groove mix',' Miami Dance, Really brothers mix', and 'Miami Colours, Really Brothers Extended mix'EMICDEM 491EX/EX3.00
CDsFernandez, DavidMy World3 versions, incl mixes by Quake and Colour Systems inc.Volume recordsVL1CD1EX3.00
CDsFever, feat Tippa IrieCan You Feel It?3 versions, incl. 'Babylon Central Drum & Bass Mix', plus extra track, 'Gimme Your Love'EMI7243 8 62279 2EX3.00
CDsFiagbe, lenaVisions1994 release, plus 'Here we go again' - Paul Gotel bumpin' mix, P.G. tips anthem mix, Raw vocal dub (Bob Jones)MotherMUMDD 53EX/EX3.00
CDsFiagbe, lenaVisions1994 release, plus 'You come from earth', 'Everybody has a heart' & 'Sorry Mr. Cobain'MotherMUMCD 53EX/EX-3.00
Pro CDsFierceDayz Like That1 Track PromoWildstar RecordsWILD19EX3.00
CDsFierceRight Here Right Now2 versions, incl. 'K-Gee's Dope Beats mix', plus extra track, 'What About Us'Wildstar RecordsCDWILD13EX3.00
CDsFierceSo LongCard sleeve, 2 versions, incl. Mix by Blacksmith, plus extra track, 'This Could Be'Wildstar RecordsCDWILD27EX3.00
CDsFifty Seventh Dynasty, TheLove of Hip HopFas FwdFF008EX3.00
CDsFinal ScoreTheme From Match of The Day3 versionsBBC musicWMPM 0040-1EX/EX3.00
CDsFinitribeBrand New4 versions, incl. 'Tip-Top Edit', and 'Finitribe vs Sourmash', plus extra track, 'Rad'FFRRFCD247EX-3.00
CDsFire Island, feat. Loleatta HollowayShout To The Top6 versions, incl. 'Frankie Knuckles Classic Club Mix', 'Club 69 Vocal Mix', 'Industry Standard No Smoke Without Fire mix', and 'Roach Motel Ruff & Raw Mix'V2JNR5001573EX3.00
CDsFirewallParty Started Right4 versions, incl. 'Nylon Edit'JiveLC 07925EX3.00
CDsFirst Day (Horizon), TheMan with no nameRadio edit, Original, plus 'Possessed'WarnerPERF164CDEX/EX3.00
PRO CDsFirstbornThe Mood ClubPromo in customised card sleeve, radio edit, original version, spectre remix, interfearance remixIndependienteISOM 27EX/EX3.00
CDsFisher, Cevin feat Loleatta Holloway(You Got Me) Burning UpRadio Edit, Queen St Orchestra Vocal mix, T-Total Hot Flush remixWonderboyWBOYD 013EX/EX3.00
CDsFiveKeep On Movin2 tracks, incl, extra track, 'Inspector Gadget', plus enhanced CD for CDROMRCA74321 709862EX/EX3.00
CDsFive StarI Give You Give3 versions, incl. 'Tuff mix', and 'Swung Out Radio'TRICXTRIFS3EX/EX3.00
CDsFlavours, DJYour Cares (All I Need)5 versions, incl. 'Open Arms remix', and 'Porn Kings remix'AATWCD GLOBE 160EX/EX3.00
CDsFlickmanThe Sound Of Bamboo3 versions, incl. 'Boo Extended Mix', and 'Yomanda vs Hi-Gate Mix'InfernoCDFERN25EX3.00
CDsFlukeTosh4 versions, incl. 'Shriek Backwash'Circa recordsYRCDX122EX-3.00
Pro CDsFog, theBeen A Long Time4 versions, incl.'Full Intention Club Mix', and 'Y-Tribe Garage Mix'PukkaCDFOG1EX3.00
CDsFono Breaking Hits In Europe, the Fono Cd No. 16Promo, Card Sleeve,6 tracks, by different artists, incl. Pierre henry7Micjel Columbier, Tahiti 80, kim Lucas, Lovebugs, Powderfinger, and Young Deenay St Ives multimediaDISCTRONICS2EX/EX3.00
CDsFontana, Lenny, &DJ Shorty Chocolate SensationPromo, 4 versions, incl mixes by David Morales, and Jazzy MFfRrFCD375EX/EX3.00
CDsFool BananaPoppedPromo, 3 versions incl. Judge Jules MixVCVCRD46EX/EX3.00
CDsFool BananaPopped!!3 versions,incl Judge Jules remixVCVCRD48EX/EX3.00
CDsForce 7 Styles, feat. Kelly LlorennaHeart Of GoldPromo, 3 versionsDiverseVERSE2CDEX/EX3.00
CDsFoucaultFoucault Loves Disco4 tracks, incl.'Forward', and 'French Connection'JJ recordsFDMCD001EX3.00
CDs4HeroStar Chasers3 tracks, incl. DJ Spinna remix, plus extra track 'The Action'Talkin LoudTLDD36EX/EX3.00
CDs4ManduThis Is It6 versions, incl. 'Kamasutra mix' and 'Spiritual Full On Mix'Arista7.43E+10EX/EX3.00
CDs4PMI Gave you Everything4 versions, incl. Mixes by House of FlavorNext PlateauNP1422-3EX/EX3.00
CDs4 RhythmManiac3 versions , plus extra track, 'Million and One'Redeye RecordsREDEYE005CDEX3.00
CDsFragmaToca's Miracle2 versions, plus extra track, 'Everybody Knows'PositivaCDTIV128EX3.00
CDsFragmaYou Are Alive4 versions, incl original mixes & Toca megamix plus enhanced videoPositivaCDTIVS 153EX/EX3.00
CDsFranklin, ArethaHere We Go Again (the remixes)4 versions, incl. Mixes by David Morales, and 'Mixologist'Arista74321 61275 2EX/EX3.00
CDsFranklin,ArethaA Rose is Still a RoseCD2 of a 2CD set, 5 versions, incl. Mixes by Johnny Vicious, Hex Hector, and Love To InfinityArista74321 58035 2EX/EX3.00
CDsFranklynSave Your Soul2 versions, plus extra track, 'Meanwhile in Blue'JamminXES 9007EX/EX3.00
CDsFred & RoxySomething For The WeekendCD1, Includes Karioke Version and CDR VideoECHOECSC81EX/EX3.00
CDsFred & RoxySomething For The WeekendCD2, 3 versions, incl 'Boy George & Kinky Roland Edit', and'Almighty Radio Mix', plusa Huge Fred & Roxy Poster!ECHOECSCX81EX/EX3.00
CDsFreedomKava KavaPromo, 3 versions, plus extra tracks, 'This', and 'Touchie Feelie'DeliriumDELEC CDS 061EX/EX3.00
CDsFreekspertGas Mark 5Card Sleeve, Bad Language Included, 2 versions, plus extra tracks, 'Life', and 'Bang Your Head'InstinctiveINIT 3 CDEP.INSTEREOEX/EX3.00
CDsFreestyle FellowshipHot Potato2 versions, incl 'Blow Up Club Edit', plus extra tracks, 'Heat Mixer', and 'Way Cool'IslandBRCD 274EX/EX3.00
CDsFreestylerBomfunk mus…Radio edit, alternative radio edit, Dirty rotten scoundrels surgical spirit dubDancePoolDPS2CDEX/EX-3.00
CDsFreestylers feat. Tenor FlyB-Boy stanceFreestylers 7in edit, freestylers revenge 12in mix, cut & paste remix, check the skillzFreskanovaFN07EX/EX3.00
CDsFrench AffairMy Heart Goes Boom (la di da da)3 versions, incl. 'Sharp Festival Remix', and 'K's House RMX'Arista74321 78056 2EX3.00
CDsFresh, FreddyDrum Lesson EP3 tracks, incl.'Here It Comes', and 'Rolodex'Eye QEYEUK024CDEX3.00
CDsFrigid VinegarHow Cheap Is Your Love?2 versions, incl. 'Cheese 'N' Vinegar Mix', plus extra track, 'BanfoxhuntingRotator RecordsRRSD120EX3.00
CDsFuelGreatest Dancer4 versions, , incl., 'Club Ibiza mix'Soup recordsSOUPCD8991EX/EX3.00
CDsFuel, (a.k.a. Retro Man)The Guest List ( Your Name's Not Dan, You're Not Coming In)2 versions, incl. 'Having It Large'Soup recordsSOUPCD8992EX/EX3.00
CDsFugeesRumble In The Jungle3 versions, plus extra track, 'I'm So Mean I Make Medicine Sick'Mercury574069 2EX/EX3.00
CDsFugeesReady or notRadio version, Handel's yaard vibe mix, Salaam's Ready for the show remix plus 'The Score'Ruffhouse/Columbia663721 2EX/EX3.00
CDsFugeesKilling me SoftlyCD1 of a 2 part set (silver cover), LP version w/out intro, album instrumental, plus 'Cowboys' - album version & 'Happy Heads' - remixRuffhouse/Columbia663343 2EX/EX3.00
CDsFugeesKilling me SoftlyCD2 of a 2 part set (bronze cover), LP version with intro, plus 'Fu-gee-la' - refugee camp global mix, & 'Vocab' - refugees hip hop mix, Salaam's acoustic remixRuffhouse/Columbia663343 5EX/EX-3.00
CDsFull IntentionAmerica (I Love America)Vocal radio edit, Sugar Daddy edit, Origina; Sugar Daddy 12 mix, Full length 12 vocal mix, LA BeatsStressCD STR 56EX/EX3.00
CDsFun Lovin' CriminalsI'm Not In Love4 tracks, incl.'Scooby Snacks', 'Bombin' The L', and 'Coney Island Girl'Chrysalis recordsCDCHSS5060EX3.00
Pro CDsFun Lovin' CriminalsKorean Bodega1 Track PromoEMICDSP194EX3.00
CDsFun Lovin' CriminalsScooby Snacks2 versions, plus extra tracks, 'I'm Not In Love', and 'I Can't Get With That'ChrysalisCDCHS5060EX3.00
CDsFun Lovin' CriminalsKorean BodegaCD1 of a 2 part set, Aero Mexicana mix, 'The Fun lovin Criminal' & 'Big Night Out' - the videoChrysalisCDCHSS 5108EX/EX3.00
CDsFun Lovin' CriminalsLove unlimitedAlbum version plus 'Shining Star' & '10th Street'ChrysalisCDCHS 5096EX/EX3.00
Pro CDsFun Lovin' CriminalsSamePromo 4 tracks are - 'We have all the time in the world', 'Scooby snacks', 'King of New york' & 'The Fun Lovin' Criminal'ChrysalisFLCDJ 001EX/EX3.00
Pro CDsFun Lovin' CriminalsBig Night Out1 track promoChrysalisCDCHSDJ 5101EX/EX3.00
CDsFun Lovin' CriminalsBig Night OutCD2 of 2 part set in digiback with embossed cover, radio version plus 'The Summer wind' feat. Ian McCulloch & 'Love Unlimited'ChrysalisCDCHS 5101EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsFun Loving CriminalsThe Fun Loving Criminal1 Track Promo in Custom Sleeve, 1996 releaseChrysalisCDDHSDJ 5040EX/EX3.00
CDsFunkdoobiestWopbabalubop1993 release, radio edit, Soul assassins remix plus 'Where's it at' - Muggs remix, album versionEpic / Immortal659711 2EX/EX-3.00
CDsFunkstar de Luxe vs Terry MaxxWalkin In The Name2 versions, incl. 'Tamperer vs Andy & The Lamboy Mix', plus extra track, 'Funkstar de Luxe Pool Party'EdelCLU67375EX3.00
CDsFunky-G, feat. The Gibson brothersK-SeraPromo, 3 versions, incl. Mix by Olav BasoskiEastWest (Time Warner)EW207CD1EX/EX3.00
CDsFurthurBlues For The Other One4 tracks, incl. 'More Reasons Why', 'She Smiled', 'Have You Got the Time?', and 'No Turn Left Unstoned'FUR/CD.EP.01EX3.00
Pro CDsFusedAudioCard sleeve, 5 tracks from the album, 'Audio', incl. 'Saving Mary', 'Twisted', 'Hey girl', 'Hightide', and 'Terror'ColumbiaXPCD1319EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsFuturasoundCall my namePromo in customised card sleeve, Way out west vocal mix, original mix, Chris & James solar power editWarnerNEG125CD-8573 82792 5EX/EX3.00
CDsFuture BreezeWhy Don't You Dance With MePromo, 5 versions, incl.mixes by D.O.N.S., and SharamAMPM582 331-2EX/EX3.00
CDsFuture BreezeWhy Don't You Dance With MePromo, 6 versions, incl. Mixes by Klubbheads and Commander TomAMPM582 329-2EX/EX3.00
CDsFuture Loop Foundation, feat. D FlavaJump er2 versions plus extra track, 'Clsterfunk Emotially funked Up Mix'LiquidLIQ019CDEX3.00
CDsFuture Sound of LondonWe have explosive7in edit, oil funk remix, mantronik plastic formula #1, oil dubVirginVSCDT 1616EX/EX-3.00
CDsFuture Sound of LondonWe have explosivePt 1, Pt 2 - remixed by Leon Mar, Pt3, Pt4, Pt5VirginVSCOH 1616EX/EX3.00
CDsFuzz TownshendTasty Big EdPromo, 3 tracks, incl. 'All seeing I Mix', and 'Next Century Mix' plus extra track, 'Depth Charge Part1'EchoECSCD53EX/EX3.00
CDsFuzz Townshend, feat. Michael Valentine WestGet YerselfPromo, 3 versionsECHOECSCX68EX/EX3.00
CDsFuzz townshend, feat. NoelBusPromo, 3 tracks, incl 2 versions of 'Bus' plus extra track, 'Up'FruitionFRUT4CDEX/EX3.00
CDsFyzaMadd CoolCD single, in an album box, 4 versions, incl. 2 Garage remixesGlobal 1 entertainmentGIED 005EX/EX3.00
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