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CDsC & C Music factoryI'll Always Be Around6 versions, incl. 'the Jeep mix', 'Outta da Ghetto mix part 1', ' Hip Hop club mix', and 'the Ministry of Sound House mix'MCAMCSTD 40001EX/EX3.00
CDsCam, DJLoa Project4 tracks, incl. 'Juliet', 'DJ Cam Sound System', 'Mental Invasion', and 'Ghetto Love'ColumbiaXPCD1260EX3.00
Pro CDsCamistraClap Your Hands3 tracks incl. 2 versions of 'Let Me Show You'VCVCRD49EX3.00
CDsCampbell, NaomiLove and tears1994 release, edit, Master mix, Ambient mix, Soul Power mix, Hip Hop mixEpic660835 2EX/EX3.00
CDsCampbell, TevinAnother WayPromo, 3 versions incl. Darkchild remixesWarnerW480CDEX/EX3.00
CDsCam'ronHorse & Carriage feat. MaseRadio version, Tricky remix, plus '357 (MagnumP.I.)' - radio versionEpic666261 2EX/EX3.00
CDsCandela PuraLa Banana4 tracks, incl. 'Viva America', and 'Eso Es El Amor'Prestige recordsCDSSGP 1012EX/EX3.00
CDsCanibusSecond Round K.O.4 versionsUniversalUND 56198EX/EX3.00
CDsCantaloopHoney I funked the kidsalbum version, radio edit, also Fatman drum & bass mixDivaDIVA011.CDEX/EX3.00
CDsCapellaTell Me The Way4 tracks, incl. 'Move On Baby', 'U Got 2 Let The Music', and 'Don't Be Proud'Systematic RecordsSYCDP17EX-3.00
CDsCardwell, JoiRun To You5 versions, incl. Mixes by Guiseppe D. Hothead and Brutal BillActivCDTV19EX3.00
CDsCardwell, JoiSoul to Bear5 versions, incl. Mixes by Hani and Disciple PaulActivCDTV 117EX/EX3.00
CDsCaroll, DinaDon't Be A Stranger4 tracks, incl. 'Don't Let Me Be', and 2 Versions of 'Born To Be (Your Lover)AMPM580389-2EX3.00
CDsCaroll, DinaWithout LoveCD12 versions, plus extra track, 'On & On'MercuryFESCD-57EX3.00
CDsCarreras, JoseTristesseincludes extra tracks, 'En Aranjuez con tu amor', and 'Dreaming of You'Erato disques0630-13459-2EX/EX3.00
CDsCarroll, DinaOne Two Three / Livin' for the weekend '98CD1 (of 2?), incl. Remix by The full crewMercuryMERCD 514/568 785-2EX/EX3.00
Pro CDsCarter, AaronI Want Candy2 versions, plus extra track, 'Jump,Jump'Jive9250892EX3.00
CDsCasinoSound Of Eden4 versions, incl.' Bad Addiction Edit' and 'High Society remix'WorxCD WORX 005EX/EX3.00
CDsCat ForgivenessIncludes extra track, 'Split' plus Forgiveness video for CD RomBAMBAMCAT0001EX/EX3.00
CDsCatch The VibesLucas With the Lid OffPromo, 3 versions, incl. 'Ska mix', 'Funky funky delta mix', plus extra track, 'Cityzen'WEAYZ832CDEX/EX3.00
CDsCato, LorraineHow can you tell me it's over?1992 release, 7in mix, Lovers rock 7in, Simon Law 7in mix, Masterpiece 12in mix, Lovers rock 12in mix, Simon Law 12in mixColumbia658766 2EX/EX3.00
CDsCevin Fisher's Big FreakThe Freaks Come OutPromo, in Plastic Sleeve, 4 versions, incl.'2000 Freaks Mix', and 'Phat in London Radio Edit'Ministry of SoundMOSCDSP127EX/EX3.00
CDsCevin Fisher's Big FreakThe Freaks Come Out3 versions, incl 'Sharp Freaks At Trade mix', and 'Phat Manhattan Phat in London Mix'Ministry Of SoundMOSCDS127EX/EX3.00
CDsCevin Fisher's Big FreakThe Freaks Come Out4 versions, incl. 'Sharp Radio Edit', 'Sharp Freaks At trade Mix', '2000 Freaks mix', and 'Phat In London Radio Edit', in clear plastic envelopeMinistry Of Sound MusicMOSCDSP127EX3.00
CDsChaka Demus & PliersI wanna be your man1994 release, Taxi gang radio remix, All star radio remix, All star dub remix, plus 'War a gwan down the lane'MangoCIDM817 858 795-2EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsChanging FacesThat other womanPromo, Album edit, Joe remix, Sunship radio edit, Johnick radio mix, Num radio editAtlanticAT0092CD/7567-85015-2EX/EX3.00
CDsChanging FacesG.H.E.T.T.O.U.T.Single version, Album version, PartII album version, Instrumental, Part II instrumentalBig Beat7567-95584-2 AT0003CDEX/EX3.00
CDsChapman, BenErotic Animals1991 release, 7in mix, Ben Chapman with Roy Galloway, Love and sex mixDeconstructionPD44366EX/EX3.00
CDsChapter & the VerseIn Another Worldincl. 'Opaz remix' and extra track,' Stories'TenTEN CD 413EX/EX3.00
CDsCharles, tinaIs It Love You're After?4 versions, incl. 'Doctor Love mix', and 'Over 18 mix'PresidentPTCD610EX/EX3.00
CDsCharlotteBe MineDigipack, Promo, 6 versions, incl.mixes by Cutfather & Joe, Steve Anthony, C.Swing, and Nu BirthParlophone rhythmCDRHYTHM 10EX/EX3.00
CDsCharlotteSkinPromo, incl. Mixes by KLM, Steel & Holliday, and Underground SolutionRhythmCD RHYTHM 20EX/EX3.00
Pro CDsCharlotteSkinCD 2, 3 versions, incl. 'Steel & Holliday Mix', 'Club 69 Future Anthem Mix', and 'Junior's Anthem Vocal Mix'Rhythm seriesCDRHYTHS 20EX3.00
CDsCharlotteSomeday Promo,Cd1 (of 2?), Incl. Mixes by David Morales & D'InfluenceRhythmCDRHYTHS 23EX/EX3.00
CDsCharlotteBe MineDigipack, Promo, 6 versions, incl.mixes by Cutfather & Joe, Steve Anthony, C.Swing, and Nu BirthParlophone rhythmCDRHYTHM 10EX/EX3.00
CDsChefChocolate Salty BallsParental Guidance, from the hit cartoon ' South park', incl. Extra tracks,'O Holy Night', and 'Oh Little Town of Bethlehem'Sony666798 2EX/EX3.00
CDsChemical BrothersBlock Rockin' BeatsOriginal, The micronauts remix, the micronauts bonus beats, radio editVirginCHEMSDX5EX/EX3.00
CDsChemical BrothersLet Forever bePlus 'The diamond sky' and 'Studio K'VirginCHEMSD9EX/EX3.00
CDsChemical BrothersOut of ControlOriginalo, Sasha remix plus 'Power move'VirginCHEMSD10EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsChemical BrothersBlock Rockin' Beats1 track Promo in 'Chemical Brothers' Card Promo SleeveFreestyle DustCHEMCDJ5EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsChemical BrothersElectrobank2 track Promo in 'Chemical Brothers' Card Promo SleeveFreestyle DustCBANK97EX/EX-4.00
PRO CDsChemical BrothersSetting Sun1 track Promo in 'Chemical Brothers' Card Promo SleeveFreestyle DustCHEMCDJ4EX/EX3.00
CDsChemical Brothers, theBlock Rockin' Beats3 tracks, incl. 'Prescription Beats' and 'Morning Lemon'VirginCHEMSD5EX3.00
CDsChemical Brothers, theHey Boy Hey Girl3 tracks, incl. 'Flashback', and 'Scale'VirginCHEMSD8EX/EX3.00
CDsCherryBoogie On Da FloorPromo, 3 versions, incl. Mix by Johan S DetoxDistinct'iveDISNCD 53EX/EX3.00
PRO CDCherry, NenahManFull Album in Custom Card Sleeve, 1996 releaseHutNENEHDJ96EX/EX7.00
CDsCherry, NenehMoney LoveDigipack, 2 versions, plus extra track, 'Twisted'Circa RecordsYRCDG83EX3.00
CDsCherry, NenehKootchi remixesDigipack, radio edit, 12 rounds remix, plus 'Somedays' & 'Crack baby'HutHUTDG75EX/EX3.00
CDsCherry, NenehKootchi remixesAlbum version, Michael Power remix, Ingleby remix, Koo vocal remixHutHUTCD 75EX/EX-3.00
CDsCherry, NenehFeel itRadio edit plus 'Trout', 'Devotion' 'I wanna Know'HutHUTCD 79EX/EX-3.00
CDsCherry, Neneh & Youssou n'dour7 seconds1994 release, radio version, LP version, New old mix, Dub mix, Hip Hop mixColumbia660508 2EX/EX3.00
CDsCheshire CatBite the DustDigipack, Promo, 4 versions, incl. Mixes, ' More Rockers no. 90', and 'Mighty Rockers mix'Higher Ground664430 2EX/EX3.00
Pro CDsChicaneAutumn Tactics1 Track PromoXtravaganza RecordingsXTRAV17CDPEX3.00
CDsChicaneSaltwaterfeat. Maire Brennan of Clannad, Original radio edit, original mix, Mothership mixXtravaganza RecordingsXTRAV1CDSEX/EX3.00
Pro CDsChili Hi FlyIs It Love?6 versions, incl. 'Chris & James Remix', 'Redheadz Have More Fun….Remix','De Funk Club Mix', and 'F.I.S.T. Remix' Sound of MinistryMOSCDSP141EX3.00
CDsChina BlackEmotions3 versions, incl extended mix, plus extra track, 'One Love'Polydor571 533-2EX/EX3.00
CDsChina BlackSearching5 versions, incl. 'Mykaell S. Riley Mix', 'Original Longsy D Mix', 'Ronin Mix', 'Full Force Mix', and 'Heavy Tactic Mix'Wild CardCARD07EX-3.00
CDsChina BlackSearching5 versions, incl. 'Mykaell S. Riley Mix', 'Original Longsy D Mix', 'Ronin Mix', 'Full Force Mix', and 'Heavy Tactic Mix'Wild CardCARD07EX/EX3.00
CDsChina BlackStars1994 release, Mykaell S Riley 7in, Longsey D 7in, Round the world mix, Longsy D dub, Longsy D Midnite cat mixWild CardCARDD9EX/EX-3.00
CDsChiquetitaSnowball Brown3 versions incl. ' Pa Karaoke mix'PWLPWCD315EX/EX3.00
CDsChristians, TheThe Bottle1993 release, album version, Groove Corporation vocal mix, Roy Hayden Sugar free mix, Sound Foundation dub mixIslandCID 549 / 864 845-2EX/EX3.00
CDsChuck DNoClean No Holds Barred - edit, LP version, Clean No Holds Barred, Clean Mr Elite, InstrumentalMercuryMERCD 476EX/EX3.00
CDsCI5Theme from the ProffesionalsCD1 Blue Boy Mix, Galdez Ambrose Project Versatility mix, Theme and Alexia mixVirginVSCDT1643EX3.00
CDsCI5Theme from the ProffesionalsCD2 Blue Boy 7 Mix, Galdez Ambroze Project Verssatility mix, Blueboy 12 mix and Galdez Ambrose Project Maximum Versitatlity MixVirginVSCDX1643EX3.00
PRO CDsClail, GaryAnother Hard Man1 track Promo 1996 release in customised card sleeve, radio versionSonyXPCD774EX/EX3.00
CDsClaireGoldCD single in an album box, 3 versions, plus extra track, 'Taking In The Scene'Bad Habits EntertainmentBHCDS 002224EX3.00
CDsClamaran, AntoineWe Come To Party'3 versions, incl. 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Treatment Vocal Mix', and 'Jan Driver's Pump stuff Mix'Multiply RecordsCDMULTY59EX3.00
CDsClarke, DaveShake your BootyRadio edit, full length version, Break cover, Let's do itDeconstruction74321 509542EX/EX3.00
CDsClarke, JamesBlow up A Go-Go!Promo, 3 tracks, incl. Syd Dale's 'Down In Soho', and 'The Wag'Go Ahead musicVVR5009523EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsCleopatraCome and get mePromo, Incl Asylum remix edit, Full crew mixWEAWEA261CDDJEX/EX3.00
PRO CDsCleopatraAlbum SamplerPromo in customised card sleeve, 5 tracksWEASAM00323EX/EX-3.00
PRO CDsCleopatraCome and get mePromo, CD2 of 2 part set?, Incl. 3 picture postcards, radio edit, Superfly club mix, Asylum remix edit, M series remixWEAWEA261CD2EX/EX3.00
CDsClockBlame it on The BoogieCD2 (of 2?), incl. Extra tracks, Bootleg White Label Mix and Tonight's the NightMedia (Universal)MCSXD40191EX/EX3.00
CDsClockIn The House6 versions, incl. 'Time Gents Please', 'Ten to Two Mix', 'The Visa Treatment', 'GMT Dub', and 'PTP Dub'Media (Universal)MCSTD 40005EX/EX3.00
CDsClockRock Your BodyCD2 (of 2?), 55 versions, incl. 'SP Class Mix', '10 to 2 vocal mix', 'Floorfillaz Large Mix', and '4x4 mix'Media (Universal)MCSXD 40160EX/EX3.00
CDsClockU Sexy ThingCD2 (of 2?), incl. CD ROM version of video and audio Band review, plus 'Revisited Mix', and 'Don't Go Away Mediterranean Mix'Media (Universal)MCSXD 40138EX/EX3.00
CDsClockEverybody1995 release, Short stab, ten to two mix, time gentlemen please mi, GMT mix, P.T.P. mix, primax mixMCAMCSTD 2077EX/EX3.00
CDsClockThe Rhythm/ Holding on1994 release, radio mix, Tic toc mix, Trance time mix / Portamento stylie mixMCAMCSTD 1971EX/EX3.00
CDsClubhouse, feat. CarlNowhere Land55 versions, incl. Mixes by 'R.R.F'PWLPWCD318EX/EX3.00
CDsCO.RO feat. TarlisaBecause the nightT.L.S. Radio mix, mix, T.S.F. mix, dub mixZYX ZYX 6822-8EX/EX3.00
CDsCoco and the BeanFair PlayDigipack, 3 versions, incl.' Ben jammin Robbins edit', and 'The Next Men Mix'MantraMNT18 CDEX/EX3.00
CDsCode RedThis is our SongCd single in album box, 3 versions, incl . 'Smooth Acapella Mix', plus 'The Code Red Interview', and exclusive Code Red postcardsPolydor5757072EX/EX3.00
CDsCokes, Ray & the sex GodsSimply sexy1994 release, radio edit, club mix, sexy mixUltrapop0096235ULTEX/EX3.00
CDsColdcutTimberCD single in an album box, 7 versions, incl. 'Quant Mix', 'Future 3 Rework', 'The Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination Mix','Journeyman Mix', 'Kirk DiGiorgio Mix', and 'Bundy K Brown 'the Cheech Wizard's Polythump Requiem for the ancient Forests Mix'Ninja Tunes4C706087801008EX/EX3.00
CDsCole, AndyOutstandingPromo, 3 versions, incl.'The Champions Double Treble Mix', plus enhanced CD VideoWEAWEA224CDEX/EX3.00
CDsCollapsed LungEat My Goal6 versions, incl.'Mardi Gras mix', 'Jackpot Goalie mix', 'Synchromesh Terror on the Terraces Mix', 'Black Cats Mix', and 'Instrumental Mix'BluffBLUFF 060CDEX/EX3.00
CDsCollapsed LungLondon Tonight2 versions, incl. 'Fila Brazillia Mix', plus extra track, 'Eat My Goal'DeceptiveBLUFF029CDEX-3.00
CDsCollapsed LungDis mix1994 release, Organ-ized mix, Abdul Van Halen mix, plus 'Something Ordinary'DecpetiveBLUFF 009CDEX/EX-3.00
PRO CDsCollapsed LungEat My GoalPromo, no sleeve issue CD, 6 versions, incl.'Mardi Gras mix', 'Jackpot Goalie mix', 'Synchromesh Terror on the Terraces Mix', 'Black Cats Mix', and 'Instrumental Mix'BluffBLUFF 060CDEX/EX3.00
PRO CDRColour GirlJoyriderPromo CD-Rom in wrap round paper sleeve, Artful dodger edit, DJ ride mix, Y Tribe Timbuk edit, Nu Jack mix, Y Tribe Original mixW/L3H2401 007289B11EX/EX3.00
CDsColour Me BaddTime and Chance3 versions incl. 'Funk On a Skunk Mix', plus extra track, 'How Deep'Giant74321 16899 2EX/EX3.00
CDsColours feat. Stephen Emmanuel & EskaWhat U Do3 versions, incl. 'Stephen Emmanuel Remix'Ice Cream recordsCD FERN 12EX/EX3.00
Pro CDsColumboMade in the UK2 versions, incl. 'Alf Alfa Mix', plus extra track, 'Rivers Of Dub'V2VVR5008383EX3.00
CDsComanche ParkCrucify4 versions, incl. ' Junior House Of Drum Dub Mix', and 'Vicious Dub Mix'Columbia660486 5EX/EX3.00
CDsComanche ParkCrucify3 versions, incl.'Roach Motel Mix', plus extra track, 'Walkin' After Midnight'Columbia660486 2EX/EX3.00
CDsContempoMy One Way OutPromo, 3 tracks, incl. 'Waiting so Long' and 'Big Time Promotion Man'Nu- Sub Urban SoundsNU SUB DJ 2EX/EX3.00
CDsContempoU B NaughtyCD single in an album box, 2 versions, plus extra track, 'Say It Again'Nu-Sub Urban SoundsLONCD 431EX3.00
Pro CDsControl FreqThe Sweetest Day E.P.Cd single in an album box, 2 versions, plus extra tracks, 'We Accept You', 'Welcome To The Freq Show', 'Do You Fear Me', and 'Satellite'F-111 Records9 47526-2EX3.00
CDsControl ZDreaming of youIncluding Mantra and Quiet man RemixesAutomaticAUTO8CDEX3.00
PRO CDsConvertNightbirdPromo, 6 versions, incl. Mixes by Tin Tin out, 187 Lockdown, Vincent De Moor, and Jason NevinsWonderboyWBOYD 008EX/EX3.00
CDsCoolerDisco SucksPromo, 3 tracks, incl. 'Above the Gods'. And 'Teknog'FruitionFRUT6CDEX/EX3.00
CDsCoolioI RememberParental advisory, Plastic Sleeve, 6 versions, plus extra track, 'Mama I'm In Love Wit A Gangsta'Tommy BoyTBXCD635EX3.00
CDsCoolioOoh La LaParental Advisory, 4 tracks, incl. '2 minutes and 21 seconds of Funk', 'Ghetto Highlites' and 'County Line'Tommy Boy MusicTBCD 789 081PEX/EX3.00
CDsCoolioThe Winner3 versionsAtlantic (WEA)A5433CDEX/EX3.00
CDsCoolioToo Hot2 tracks, incl. 'Exercise Yo' Game'Tommy BoyTBCD718EX3.00
CDsCoolioThe Winner3 versionsAtlantic (WEA)A5433CDEX/EX-3.00
CDsCoolio feat 40 ThevzC U when u get thereCD 1 of 2 part set?, from 'Nothing to Lose' soundtrack, Bill & humberto's orchestra mix, Collio's album version, Humberto's alternate mix, Ren Swan's mixTommy BoyTBCD 785EX/EX3.00
CDsCoolio feat L.V.Gangsters Paradise4 tracks, Huge hitTommy BoyMCSTD 2104EX/EX-3.00
CDsCooloOoh La LaCard Sleeve, 2 versionsTommy Boy MusicTBCD 7799E 060PEX/EX3.00
CDsCorduroyThing For Your LovePromo, 3 versions incl. Mixes by 'Jacknife Lee' and 'Space Raiders'BigcatABB5008833EX/EX3.00
CDsCoronaThe Rhythm of the nightRapino Brothers radio version & 'Lets get fizzical' piano mix, Luvdup 'Burning bush' vocal mix & 'Tequilla on a spoon' dub, Lee Marrow remix, extended Italian remix, R.B.X. Euro mixWEAYZ837CDEX/EX-3.00
CDsCorrs, TheBreathless3 tracks incl Non LP Bonus reacks, Head in the air & Judy143 records/Lava/AtlanticAT0084CDEX/EX3.00
CDsCosmo VitelliWe dont need to smurf here: RemixesMixes By, Dj Matsuoka, Afrika Bambata, and SoinnaV2SLD 018 CDMEX3.00
CDsCosmosSummer In SpaceCD1, 3 versions, incl.'Ibiza Mix', and 'Mark Pritchard Edit'BluePFACD3EX/EX3.00
CDsCox, CarlTwo paintings and a drumIncl Phoebus ApolloEdel0090715COX (CB 608)EX/EX3.00
Pro CDsCraigAt This time Of Year3 versions, incl. 'Karaoke Version' and 'Saint Christophe's Wonderland Club Mix'WEAWEA321CDEX3.00
PRO CDsCrawford, RandyWishing on a starPromo, Mousse T's radio edit, Mousse T's original versionWEAWEA180CDDJEX/EX3.00
CDsCredit to the NationTacky Love songRadio version, Butcher maxi mix, groove evolution mixChrysalisCDCHS 5097EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsCredit to the NationTacky Love song1 track promo - radio versionChrysalisCDCHSDJ 5097EX/EX3.00
CDsCrème 21Verdammt Lang Her6 versions, incl. 'Rantan Plan Plate', 'F.A.B. Remix', 'Narcotic thrust Remix', and 'Jeo remix'EpicEPC 664759 2EX/EX3.00
CDsCriminal ElementGo AroundCard sleeve, 5 versions, invl. Mixes by Arthur Baker, X-Press, and GustoFourth and BroadwayBRCD 336EX/EX3.00
CDsCriminal Element Orchestra feat. Wendell WilliamsEverybody (Rap)3 versionsDeconstruction RecordsPD44072EX-3.00
Pro CDsCRWI Feel Love3 versions, incl.'Pete Pritchard Mix', 'DJ JamX & De Leon Remix', and 'R.A.F. Zone Mix'VCVCRD63EX3.00
PRO CDsCRWLovin'Promo in customised card sleeve, radio edit, extended mixNukleuzVCRDDJ77EX/EX-3.00
PRO CDsCrystal method, theComin' BackPromo in clear box, radio remix, plus ' Busy Child' - radio editS2CM4PCDEX/EX3.00
CDsCrystal WatersRelax6 versions, incl.mixes by Todd Terry, TinTin Out, Jazz n' Groove, Tony B, and Lorimer VissionManifestoFESCD 4EX/EX3.00
CDsCuban BoysCognoscenti vs IntelligentsiaPlus 'Fluorescent dream beams' & 'Datacrime'EMI7243 8 87976 2 7EX/EX-3.00
PRO CDsCuban LinkFlowers for the deadPromo in clear fronted box, radio version without intro, radio version with intro, instrumentalAtlanticPRCD 300137EX/EX3.00
CDsCuriosityHang on in there baby7in version, extended club mix plus 'meaning of dreaming'RCAPD 45378EX/EX3.00
CDsCurtisSuperstar DogMixes By Si BeggLoadedLOAD54CDEX3.00
CDsCurtis, BellIt Should Have Been MePromo, 3 versions, incl. 'Gospel Mix', and 'Magic Box Club Mix'Atlantis recordsATLA03EX/EX3.00
CDsCurtis, CatieWhat's The Matter3 tracks, incl. 'Gave Me Love', and '100 Miles'RykodiskRCD-5 1060EX3.00
Pro CDsCush12123 versions, plus extra track, 'My Angel'Emmsij RecordsCUSH001EX3.00
CDsCut MastersFront To The Back3 versions, incl. Mixes by Mint Royale and Rhythm MastersSubversiveSUB59CDEX/EX3.00
CDsCut MastersFront to the BackRadio edit, Mint Royale's duelling banjos mix, Rhythm masters vocal mix, main club mix, Rhythm Masters instrumental dubFrenetic8573-82667-2EX/EX3.00
CDsCut N' MoveGive it Up4 versions, incl.'Mindmix Limited' and 'Tranceflow Limited Mix'EMICDEM273EX/EX3.00
CDsCut N' MoveI'm Alive3 veraions, incl. TinTin Out Mix, plus extra track, 'Cut N' Move Theme Part III'EMICDEM 375EX/EX3.00
CDsCut 'n' MoveGet serious1991 release, Cut the crap clean version, basement boys serious club mix, Basement Boys ground level mix, soulpower remixEpic657373 2EX/EX-3.00
CDsCutback, feat. FederalRock to the Rhythm5 versions, incl. 'Rubber dub', 'Loopy Dub', and 'Fedapella'AvexAVEXCD3EX/EX3.00
CDsCutlass,FrankieThe Cypher, part 3Promo,4 versions, incl. Remixes, and Acapella versionEpic664144 2EX/EX3.00
CDsCypress Hill(Rap) SuperstarParental guidance,2 versions, plus extra track, 'Loco En El Coco (Insane In the Brain)'Columbia669264 2EX3.00
CDsCypress HillDr. GreenthumbCard sleeve, 2 versions incl. Fun Lovin' Criminals mixColumbiaXPCD1100EX3.00
CDsCypress HillTequila SunriseCard sleeve, 2 versions ColumbiaXPCD 1035EX3.00
CDsCypress Hill(Rap) SuperstarParental guidance,2 versions, plus extra track, 'Loco En El Coco (Insane In the Brain)'Columbia669264 2EX/EX3.00
PRO CDRCypress Hill(Rap) Superstar1 track promo - album version (CD Rom)Columbia74 PM11049EX/EX3.00
CDsCypress HillTequila SunriseRadio edit, LP version W/B smooth, fear. Fat Joe remix - radio edit, Spanish versionColumbia / Ruffhouse666493 2EX/EX3.00
CDsCypress HillHighlife / Can't get the best of me04.00 Fredwreck remix feat. Kurupt, baby S and king Tee / LP version plus ' (Rap) Superstar' - Alchemist remixColumbia669789 5EX/EX3.00
CDsCZR, feat. DelanoI Want You1 Track PromoCredenceCDCREDJ002EX3.00
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Jungle, Drum 'n' Bass
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Original Classics from the late 70s and Early 80s
Mainly compilations
Trance and Ambient
Goa, Psychedelic and more
Acid and Experimental
A mixture of of Acid House and modern offbeat
Oldskool Hardcore
Classic Tunes from 1990-93
Beatz and hip hop
wide selection from early rap to modern breakbeat
reggae and Ragga, Mainly UK 12"
From Trad to Fusion and modern smooth Jazz

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