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Kutt Records
New and secondhand new beat, acid house, techno, new wave

New Beat Records
Pop, house, dance, newbeat, acid and rare 80s. Also Argentine pressings of most big acts.

South Sound Records
South American rock, folk, psych and jazz. Secondhand


78 Records
Latest Australian Releases & Editions

Aeroplane Records
Secondhand, stockists of Anything and everything!!

Ashwoods Music and Books
All styles: rock, folk, jazz, classical, etc; secondhand and collectable.

Australian Music Centre
New release Australian classical, aboriginal, pop and folk

Australian Record Collectors
Australian Records, CD's & Memorabilia

Exploding Art Music Productions
Music Education, Synthesizer Music

Far Q Records
New and secondhand Pop/Rock 45's.

Jazzology Australia
Traditional, Australian& Classic Jazz
Newest and latest Australian releases.

Living Eye Records
New and secondhand, punk/alternative, pop, rock, 60s, metal.

Modern World Records
New and secondhand indie punk mod 60's and alternative..

Mojo Music (listings within GEMM)
Australian music & rock/pop

Offbeat Music
Roots, Aussie, Independent, 50s/60s/70s

Pandamonium records online CD shop
New Release alternative hard rock and punk techno.

Plastic Passion
Rare records/CDs from the sixties to now..They Get More Music's Personal reccomendation for a quality service!

Psyclone Soundz
New and Used, Psyclone have a varied range of vinyl and CD's.

Red Eye Records
Rare/collectable/promos/out of print Australian and international items.

The Record Collector
From ABBA to ZAPPA, OZ Prog Rock, New and Secondhand.

Rod's Collectable Records
New and Secondhand Australian Progressive / Indie.

Semaphore Records
Secondhand rock. pop, jazz and soul.

Skinnyfish Music
New release Australian indigenous, all genres

Skyscraper Compact Discs
New and Used compact discs & collectables.

Secondhand 50s, 60s, rock n roll, pop vinyl

Vicious Sloth Collectables
New and secondhand Rare records, CD's, Rock, Punk, Prog, etc...


Final Vinyl (Listings within GEMM)
Industrial/Minimal/Electronics/Gothic on. private sale - trade - bid -

Secondhand Jazz-funk afro-rock & Euro jazz-funk

The Record Store
Secondhand Collectable vinyl albums.

Uscdmail Wholesale | German Version
full albums, singles, promos, cutouts....

high quality second hand vinyl records from private collector


Cyclone Records
New Release hard techno,experimental,elektro(nix).

JJ Records
independent guitar/techno/house/drum & bass.

New and secondhand AOR, hardrock, metal, bluesrock and punk

Lost & Found
Rare and collectable items krautrock, belgium rock, nederbeat, progressive, psyche

Wally's groove world
New and secondhand Detroit Techno, Old skool acid & house


Amazon Records
Brazilian, bossa nova, mpb, samba, both new and secondhand.

Atracao Fonografica Ltda
Brazilian record company and distributor, New Releases.
Brazilian Bossa Records
Secondhand Bossa Nova and Tropicalia

Brazilian Records collector
Mainly rock and heavy metal. Both new and Used.

Eric Discos
New and Used Brazilian bossa nova & tropicalia

Faunus Records
New and Used Brazilian and worldwide pressings.

HB Music
New and Used progressive rock and guitar music.

Brazilian rare groove

Techno Records
New Release techno, house, trance, drum&bass. Content in Spanish.

Vinyl 2000
Selling mainly Brazillian records, The house of Bossa Nova.


All electronic genres, new and secondhand


A&B Sound Online
All types of music, especially Classical and Canadian

Black Swan Records
Jazz, Folk, Blues, World, Avant
new release Canadian artists and pressings
CD and DVD superstore, if it is available CDplus will have a copy!
Big Big site, all new releases.

Cheap Thrills Mail Order Music
Experimental, Electronica, Jazz, Blues

Circulation Music
Ragga, dancehall etc, new and secondhand.

Classic Recordings
Secondhand classical

Cure shop
All Items Cure and related

DJMR (DJ Montreal Records)
Over 100 Vinyl Records Releases each week with audio samples. great selection, shipping worldwide

The Diskery
New release Metal, Hard Rock, Punk.

Emperor Multimedia
Recored label/distributor of Heavy Metal

Final Vinyl (Listings within GEMM)
Both New and Used, Rock, pop, country, blues.

Foolish Clothing/Records
New Underground Dance.

Dance, techno, house, d&b & trance.

New releases, anything Canadian
specialists in imports, both rare hard to find.

Secondhand alternative punk pop new wave

My Music Factory
New Releases: They have it all. Discovery's encouraged.
New Releases, carrying all genres; top 200 CD's are $9.90.

NewWorld Compact Discs
Canadian music / Canadian labels

#1 Music site "CDcircus"
New and Used, all genres

David Poitras
New and Used, Old Favorites.

Primeau Music
Rare and Collectible 78 RPM records and musical memorabilia as well as beautiful bakelite radios and record players of the 30's, 40's and 50's.

The Record Cellar
Secondhand, All Styles Mostly Rock & Pop.

Record Collectibles & Music Books Plus (listings within GEMM)
Rockabilly, Christmas records and Soundtracks on vinyl + Music Books

Row Ltd
CD and DVD wholesaler

2nd Hand CD Shop
Selling Chinese, English & Japanese Titles.

Spirit River Distribution
Most Music Styles Catered for

Sunrise Records
all music Styles, particularly pop and latin

Synchro records
New and Secondhand jazz to electronic (house-d&b-funk Etc.)

Thirty Below - Trente Sous Zéro
Québec traditional - folk

Utopia records
New and Used, progressive/psychedelic/experimental.


Secondhand Yugoslav pressings, All Genres..

Czech Republic
High quality Czech labels at low prices, New releases

Musica Bona
New Release Classical

Dance Music Resource and record Shop based in Prague.
House, techno, broken beatz, hard tekno


John Rask Jensen
Secondhand 60s, Psychedelic, Progressive, Blues

All kind of Electronic Undergound Music. Danish/English Content.

Millstream Records
Western folkmusic including all subgenres.

Mystery Man Records
New and Secondhand 70's & 80's pop & disco.

Record Deli
Secondhand Soul/Jazz/Latin/Pop/Rock/Soundtracks etc.

7 inch heaven
Rare and collectable vinyl singles

Vakuum records
New and Secobdhand indie, electronica, industrial and experimeental.


Secondhand Depeche Mode and related


Black And White
Rock & Pop, progressive, Finnish Music.

Hippie shake records
Both New and Secondhand 60s, 70s, 80s rock, pop, heavy and punk.

Secondhand punk & new wave

New and Secondhand prog, psych, mod, punk, jazz, soul and rarities.


Abc Collectors
New releases, all records

Black'n'White Music
New and Used, French variety, rock, blues, jazz, pop, 30,000 records!

CD Mail
All Genres, Over 90,000 titles.

Diaz Records
Both New and Secondhand, Most Styles.

French ,indies, industrial, punk, progressive, collectors etc...

Secondhand punk, hardcore, punk rock, metal.

Fisher Records
Presentation of european vinyls collectors (french instrumental pop for exemple)

Secondhand rock punk new-wave indie electronic

La Seranne
Secondhand jazz, 70's, etc...

Little Free Rock
Secondhand Punk, Oi and Psych.

New release zouk
online house techno electro vinyl shop, real audio pre-listening of each track. .

Octopus Music
Secondhand rock, French, African, Caribbean and jazz.

Secondhand punk oi! hardcore psycho ska reggae.
New release jazz, african, latin, soul and funk.

Secondhand rock'n'roll + 60s

10000 vinyl records
Any French records (both new and secondhand)

Univers Musik
all styles, new and secondhand


Musical Record Shop
New release greek and world music


Audio Justice
New and secondhand European hip hop

bigblack record store
Secondhand funk reggae brasil jazz o.s.t. afro Etc.

CD Music Hall
New and Seondhand Rock, pop, Robbie Williams and Status Quo

Chrismo-Records Vinyl & CD
Secondhand, all styles, mainly rock/soul/jazz 70/80s.

Decks Records
New and Secondhand, techno, trance, house
New and secondhand jazz, soul, hip hop, drum&bass and reggae

AOR, Rock, Melodicrock, Hardrock.

Secondhand Industrial,Gothic,Synthpop and Wave.

Fonic recordstore

Forgotten Steel
Rare metal on vinyl & CD, mostly 80s! New and secondhand.

German Music Express
New releases, all genres

Hell Bent For Records
New and Secondhand Heavy Metal Vinyl & CDs.

Both New and secondhand, Pop, Jazz & Classics.

Indiepunk Records
New and secndhand Punk HC Oi! lots of vinyl rarities.

Melting point
New Release house/techno/detroit/minimal etc.

Metal rarities on vinyl
New and Secondhand, Heavy Metal.

Montino Second Hand Music / 2nd sound
Secondhand, All Types of Music.
CDs/Maxi CDs/Vinyl etc. Both New and Secondhand.

Netwax Muscimailorder
Secondhand hip hop, house, techno, europop, (most dance)

Per Koro
Second hand & new punk/hardcore records!
New Release Psychedelic Trance, Ambient, Techno.

Secondhand Rock/Progressive, Kraut/German Rock.....

Secondhand punk/hardcore/alternative/metal/new wave

Selector's Choice
New Reggae & Reggae Dancehall.

All modern and classic music, vinyl & CD

Independent, rock, pop, jazz, techno & electro.

Sick Wreckords
Music from the 50´s up to now, both new and secondhand.

Sound House
New releases, all genres.

Think Progressive
New Release progressive, psychedelic, avantgarde And world.

12inch Vinyl
70's/80's vinyl maxis (all styles).

New and Secondhand, ´60-´80 Rock-Pop, Progressive, Electro, Jazz, Blues, Beat, Wave and Blackmusic. Also Online "Virtual" record Fair.
Secondhand 80's, Italian and Eurodisco.

Hong Kong

SEA Music Collectibles
New and Secondhand South East Asian vinyl, CDs and mags.

Oriental Records
New and Secondhand rock, pop, metal, 60-80's.


Bad Taste Mail Order
Good icelandic music!


Desi Albums Shop
All Types of Indian and Pakistani Music.


Claddagh Records
New release Traditional Irish

Custy's Traditional Music Shop
New Releases of Traditional Irish Music.

The Living Tradition
New release Irish traditional.

Record Collector
rarities and new

Road Records
New release Indie postrock electronica


Electric Dimension (Listings Within GEMM)
Secondhand Industrial, Experimental, Gothic, Pop.

Israeli Records
Secondhand, mainly Rock and Pop.


Astral Dream Records
Secondhand Beat & Progressive.

Eve music store
New and Used 60s rock, pop, garage, beat, OSTs, dark, gothic and More. Site in Itailan or English

Il Carillon
Secondhand and rare progressive Rock

Just Like Heaven
Alternative rock, Both new and Secondhand.

New Rock and Pop, NEW records, mainly imported from Australia, Japan, Canada, USA, Taiwan, UK, and Brazil.

Magazzini Nannucci
New Release Pop rock italian & International.

Musical Box
Secondhand progressive rock.

Poster Italia - Vintage Posters
soundtracks, rock, music posters.

Psychedelic Eye
Original 60's/70's Psychedelic, Progressive, Folk, Blues, Hard-Rock, Private Pressing.

Rare Records
10000 vinyl records from all the world from 1950 to 2000

Rock Bottom
Rock, folk, punk & new wave

progressive, psychedelic, folk, pop

Super Records
New and secondhand, All styles covered - the land of records
Secondhand krautrock (german rock '70)

Vinyl from Italy
Secondhand Italian and international pop-rock-beat music.
Try This Link If the first one fails.

New Release hardtechno tribe hardkore drum&bass.

Warlord Records
Secondhand Metal (especially vinyl).


45 King Bee
Secondhand 60's & 70's soul & rare groove.

Big Fish Network
New release alternative Music.

Japanese Releases and Bootlegs

Cubic Records
Secondhand newwave, 80s and 90s.

forever records
New and Secondhand, rock/pop/new wave Website in Japanese and English

Japanese Collectable Records
Rare Secondhand Japanese album and 7inch

J-Wax Records
Rare Japanese Pressings Vinly & CDs, Secondhand.

Neolith Records
New pressings of Sixties & Seventies rock music

Oldies Japan
Secondhand, all genres covered

Strangelove Records
Japanese versions indie/alternative, both new and secondhand


Eastern Gems (listings within GEMM)
Lithuanian, Russian and East European Vinyl/CD pressings and releases. Western and domestic artists, all genres, Secondhand and New.


New Release house, techno, trance, progressive


Secondhand funk, soul, jazz, dance and disco

Beat Behind the Dykes
Beat, garage, psych, mod, punk, powerpop

Black Rhythm Records
12" & Lps (rap/r&b/swing/disco/dance)

CDExpress See Rockhouse
Rockhouse's CD outlet

New euro trance techno compilations.

Dance Grooves
New Release house, techno, trance, garage, dance.

Het Alternatief
New Release House, techno, drum 'n' bass, disco, trance etc.

The Dutch Connection Queen Sale and Swap.
Selling or Trade New and secondhand Queen only.

Karels Records Online
Secondhand Pink Floyd + related and Progressive.

Secondhand pop, rock & jazz.

New and secondhand psych, prog, kraut, beat, jazz and hard

Marginal Mail
New Release Indie

Metal Mania Store
AOR, Rock, Hardrock, Heavy Metal, Etc... Both New and secondhand

Music Posters Collector
A rare collection of more than 3.000 music posters over these last 25 years!

no name
That's the truth, this store has no name
Secondhand Punk and Indie

Platenkoning Amsterdam
Buy and sell used records and cd's (only in excellent or better condition). Specialized in 12inch maxisingles.

Secondhand Pop Indie CD Singles, Singer/Songwiter.

Record Mania
jazz, pop, world, classical, secondhand.

Rob & Elly vinylarchief
New and Secondhand, folk, folk-rock, dutch, diverse, (lp collectors who want to sell and/or trade).

.Rockhouse Music Mailorder
New Relase over 200,000 titles, all genres, especially fifties, sixties.

Star-Music International
Rare import CDs, import CD singles, promo CDs, import vinyl records.

Still Life Vinyl (listings within GEMM)
Secondhand Rock, Pop, New Wave

jazz and blues, both new and secondhand.

Secondhand pop, rock, blues and folk

New and secondhand rock & roll, pop, classical,jazz, rap, hiphop, disco & house.

Vice Versa Vinyl
Secondhand, all styles

New Zealand

Alltime Records (listings within GEMM)
Covering all Genres, both new and used

Cranium Music
New Release Prog/Psych/Kraut/Space/Stoner/Electronic.

Echo Records Ltd.
New and secondhand collectables and New Zealand artists.
All styles by new zealand artists, Also NZ resource pages

Moonhop Music
Secondhand Only, All types of music from the 50's until now!

indie NZ pop, rock & electronica, both new and used
New Releases, original New Zealand music.

Real Groovy Records
500,000 titles ranging across genres; both new and secondhand.

Records Records
New and secondhand New Zealand music 1955-2000.

Rezound Rekordz
60s - 80s pop- NZ pressings-US re-issues

New Release House, techno, drum and bass, hip hop

Wonderland Records
New and Secondhand Rock, classic rock & beatles


Collecting music
New and secondhand vinyl, CD and merchandise including rare and deleted vinyl, CDs and memorabilia

Secondhand funk-soul-jazz and fusion on vinyl


Extreme Records
New Releases, All Types of Pakistani and Indian Music.


Insomnia Productions
New electronic dance music

Jungle CD
New release progressive rock / metal

@23rec.- música de todo o mundo
New Releases, all genres

San Marino

New and secondhand Classical, jazz, pop-rock (site in Spanish)


Trailer Records
New and Used Asian/Australia imports. Pop, Rock, R&B.


Boondago music
All decades, all formats, all types.. new and secondhand.

Come Back Records
Secondhand, mostly 80´s. Wave pop indie techno etc...

GP Musica
Both new and Secondhand, all Genres catered for.

London Calling
New and secondhand, indie, 80's, dance, new releases, colectibles.

Move On! Rds
Secondhand 60's Beat Soul Funk Jazz Latin Groove.

Rock On
Mostly memorabilia, both new and secondhand over 100 artists stocked from The Beatles to The Who.

New and Used, All Styles from 80s and 90s.


Birdnest Mailorder
New and Secondhand Punk and Hardcore.

Beautiful records
Secondhand, All Genres.

Blue Devils Vinyl Records for Sale
New and Secondhand, Blues + all other categories.

Collecting Dust
Secondhand New wave, synth, independent, rock

Madhouse Records
hardrock,heavy Punk etc from 70s- 90s

Nitty Gritty Records
New and secondhand soul/funk/jazz/latin/disco/rare groove

Old vinyl records
Second hand vinyl records for sale or trade. Psych, prog, rock, pop, soul, heavy.

Petter & Lottas
Both New and Secondhand Prog/Psych,Jazz,pop/rock,etc...

Secondhand punk and new wave.

Record Heaven
New Release Progressive, Symphonic and Hardrock.

Record Palace
Secondhand 50's - 90's, vinyl & cd, all styles

Rock'n Records
Secondhand, All styles and formats. Also host excellent Link Pages

SL Records
Both New and Secondhand 50's-70's rock & pop.

Soul Society Records
60s, 70s,80s soul, funk,jazz, disco etc

New and Secondhand techno electro house hiphop drum&bass.


Classic House (listings within GEMM)
Secondhand Classic house and techno

New and Secondhand, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Groove.

Secondhand Jazz, Funk, Soul, Pop-Rock, French.

Dope on Plastic
Secondhand European hip hop, britcore and hardcore.

Mono records
jazz,funk,latin,library,hip-hop,trip-hop and more!

Tekkware Records
Reissue Old Skool Hardcore, Breakbeat, Dance.

Tom's Recordland
Secondhand German pop, Swiss beat and rock

Unity Records
Rare US & UK hip hop

Secondhand Funk, Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop.


Records in Thailand
Small selection of secondhand 60's & 70's records.

Trinidad and Tobago

"Iere Net d/b/a Summer Cove, Ltd."
Calypso, Steelband, Chutney,
Promoting the Music of Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados & The Caribbean.


US shops Now listed Separately!

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