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Finding Bricks and Mortar Record Shops

This page is in response to the growing number of overseas readers who have asked how best to locate record shops in specific towns or regions of the UK.
More Music does not offer this service, however the links here should get get you there. Also, please check the Other Places to look section at the end of this page. The online yellow Pages

Yell has most of the information you need.
For best search for "Record Shops" in the what? Field AND the name of the town you are visiting in the Where? field.

Yell will give you the street addresses and phone numbers of the shops. Unfortunately they rarely include a weblink or email contact as shops must pay for this service. If you are planning a comprehensive rummage through shops in a specific area, this is the best resource. It also provides printable maps to help you locate shops when you get to the town.

Motion shopfinder

Motion shopfinder is a long standing resource. It is built entirely on reader contributions.
Reader contributions mean it is incomplete, includes shops that no longer trade and reader comments that are sometimes a little bizarre! That said it has information on a large number of shops in the in the UK and dozens of other countries.
You can select your town from a drop down menu, or search all shops by genre of Music.
Where shops have a website, a link is included.


Birdpages has dozens of UK shops listed Music style or region.
Listings are paid for, so many shops are not included in the directory. However if you are looking to email shops before you travel, this directory is probably the easiest to use.
The directory is only a small part of a substantial collector's resource.

Specific City Guides

These are usually homepages where someone has taken the time to review shops in their home town, if you know of one we have missed or find a dead link, please email us!

Leeds Part of the Leeds365 site, Good List.
Manchester Personal Page, very comprehensive.
Sheffield Part of the Sheffield Music Pages.

Other Places to look

Record Shops are not the only place to hunt for records and CDs, try general Secondhand shops, which can be found on by searching for "secondhand". Also check out Car Boot Sales and Charity Shops. If you are really lucky there will be a Record Fair in town, check here for dates (the fullest list is on Record Collectors site, linked to at the end of the page under Related Links). Also check the small ads in local newspapers for dates. Finally if you have a bit of time and a phone you may wish to look in the classified ads of the local newspaper as record collections sometimes come up for grabs this way.
Thats all, Happy Hunting.

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