Why the emails look odd

Due to the increasing amount of unsolicted email arriving at our email addresses we have had to act to make this site harder for spammers to use.

what is Spam?
Spam is any unwanted or unsolicted email, the sort of spam we are concerned with here is bulk commercial email.
If you have never had spam offering you one or another quick route to a fortune, you have been lucky.

Why is it a problem?
In the UK we still have to pay to connect to the internet, so WE pay to download emails that are entirely irrelevant and unsolicied.
About 2 years ago spammers developed software that could lift all the email addresses from webages. The software is similar to that used by search engines to index websites.
robots follow links from one website to another and spider the pages looking for any text strings that contain the @ symbol. These are assumed to be email addresses and are harvested for later use in mass emailing.

These pages contain the emails of over 300 shops, they are also linked to from over 100 other sites. the result of this is that they are getting all to frequently spidered and everyone listed is getting the resultant junk email.

So why the %40 bit?
%40 is the Ascii code for @. If you click one of the email links your computer should see it as an email and load your mail program.
Hopefully most spammers software will miss the links and fail to harvest emails on our pages.
If you cannot send emails by clicking on the email links, you will need to copy the email address and repalce %40 with @
Sorry for the extra hassle, we too would love a spam free internet!

What else are we doing?
Not all the emails on these pages are what they seem...
We have extra links that are actually forwarded to More Music. So when the pages have been spidered, we get the spam several times over. (in this way we can immediately spot the professional spammers).
When this happens we complain to the Internet Service providers who have carried the email, Most are innocent parties, and will act quickly to close both webpages and email accounts promoted by spamming.
By Always copmlaining we have become known to some spammers, but there are always new ones.

I too get spam...what can i do?
visit http://www.spamfree.org/ Start by reading their Spam Primer Page
they have lots of tips on combatting spam, also never reply to spammmer, and never buy anything from them!