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Hard Vinyl or Virgin Vinyl?
Do you know the difference?If not, check out the Record Collectors Glossary!


This Page offers links to some of the best collector sites on the net.
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Help and advice | sites that give useful advice or links.
Newsgroups | How and where to use them.
Record Store Directories | Between them they link to most stores on the web!.
Auction Houses | A popular means of shopping for music.
Databases | Essential! if you have not used these sites yet, have a go.
Specialist Collectors sites | links, messageboards and chat.
Online Price Guides | Valuations for your records.
Wanted/For Sale Forums | Places to list your wants or items for sale.
Collector Mags | Printed Magazines are still important! visit their websites and sign up!.

Help and Advice
This, the newest section on this page, links to sites that offer advice for the collector. One day we will build a full FAQ.

Safe Commerce
Our Guide to reducing the risks of getting ripped off
CD owners Guide
Digital Innovations get inside the plastic to tell you exactly how your discs work and what can go wrong!


Groups for Commerce

Please respect the charters of these groups, which specify that they for the buying and selling of Vinyl and Music CDs only.
You can post wanted, For sale and For Trade Notices in these groups, You can also ask for valuations.
When Posting, please be as specific as possible about the records you are seeking, Details such as Country of Origin and catalogue number will help. In your header the standard abbreviations are:
When buying from dealers who use these groups, don't be afraid to post a message asking if anyone has bought from them before and can reccomend them.
Newsgroups are the least safe place to buy...for more help, read our Safe trading Page.

Non Commercial Groups

These newsgroups are discussion forums only.
DO NOT Post wanted and for sale notices here.
You can ask questions about pressings, overseas releases etc. Asking for valuations here is also acceptable.

Finally regarding Newsgroups, (Now Called Google Groups)
Holds all messages posted to the usenet for the last 20 years in a searchable database,
You can search for artists here and see if anyone has offered their records for sale recently.
This is a huge and under used resource which it takes sometime to get to grips with.

Record Shop Directories
Here are listed record shop directories we have found in our travels.
They are split into 2 sections, UK, and worldwide If you know of more, please let us know!

U.K. Directories
More Music's Directory
If you missed the link at the top of the page, here's your second chance, over 300 UK shops linked to.
The, shops
A directory of all the UK's indie shops, no online links, but these are the shops you need if you are looking or new release indie records!
London record Finder
Rave Shops in the London Area. Useful info + Links to those that have websites.
Bird Pages
Large UK Music site, includes a good list of record shops
Directory of uk dealers - Also track down specific items and list fairs.

Worldwide Directories
More Music's World Directory
lists stores by country with brief descriptions, still growing!
Buyers Index
Oodles of record shops, worldwide.
Tokyo Record Store directory
Lists lots of Tokyo shops, some online
Searchable Database of shops and sellers
Big List, hundreds of stores from around the world
Rotator Locator.
Huge list of Mainly Dance shops, with a directory for each country.
The Ultimate Bands List, Stores
They Really don't come much more comprehensive than this!
As well as An Extensive shop list they carry reviews and biogs on thousands of bands and include links to all relevant pages for each band!
Vinyl Web Stop
Scandinavian site with Links to over 250 Record shops and private sellers!
Canadian Music
The store directory is only a small part of this extensive and informative Canadian Music Site
Music Links.
German site, large list of worldwide shops and resources
VMM (Virtual Music Market)
Comprehensive world guide for shops that carry electronic music.
Record Link
Personal homepage with a very long list of shops, all on one page!
Soul Sister's Favorite Groove Merchants
Nice collection of Links to shops dealing in soul, fbk, Jazz and disco.
Where to Buy stuff.
Personal Page with notes on each shop listed
Big Bands Database, shop listings
Big Listing, all on one page.
Helping you find stores by location.
Ring Of Record Resellers
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Webring of Over dealers specialising in Vinyl
Record Collectors webring
Webring of Collectors and Sellers from Around the world.
T P Uschanov's Records Page
A Huge pile of links, several hundred shops in all, no annotation, it's a lucky dip!
Also links to other resources and places for database programmes etc...Hope you've got a day or 2 spare!
motion --- record shop finder
UK Based but has shops worldwide, Must search which is slow, can search by music style or by geographicl area
Online Music Resources
Huge list of record and CD sellers with notes. Most suited to collectors of Progressive Rock
Debt Accellerator
The Name says it all, enough links for a killer phonebill, let alone what you spend on music!
Jim's World Of Shopping
A really handy guide to record shops worldwide, includes the USA state by state
Razor's Edge
Links to over 450 worldwide shops with contact details
Online Music Trading & Trader Directory, UK based but lists sites from all countries.
Record Stores & Reviews. Very Comprehensive site, Launched in 2008

Auction Houses.
Auction Houses have been one of the early successes of the Internet. Although they do not deal exclusively in Music, their sheer size ensures that You can find lots of unusual stuff.
It is also possible to get bargains!

Could this be the future of internet Auctions? BidXS searches all the major Auction houses for you.
On the downside it is a little slow and has advertising banners that float over the results.. They are more likely to make you punch the screen than click the banner!
Auction House specifically for recorded Music and Audio Equipment
The Worlds Biggest Auction house, has tens of thousands of music related items at any one time. Prices tend to be a little high.
Search Ebay for CDs | Vinyl
Search Ebay UK for CDs | Vinyl
The Biggest Search Engine also runs Auctions, Less to buy, but selling here is free. Recently closed the UK auctions site.
The Bookseller turned auctioneer, Smaller than Yahoo and Ebay but still worth a look.
Online music auction featuring professional broadcast/video/audio equipment and much much more
European Auction house, Mediunm size.
free music auction site - buy and sell all music related items

These are sites where many dealers upload their lists, some have millions of items on the database and they are easy to search.
If you find an item you want, you usually have to deal with the individual trader, while these sites automatically update if an item is sold, many dealers tend not to keep their entries up to date, so don't jump for joy until that rarety arrives in the post!
For More Info, Check our Revues

GEMM (Global Electronic Music Marketplace)
The Biggest Database, over 2000 Dealers and 11 Million Items.
Shop 120+ CD and vinyl stores at once! Fully searchable Database, It is free to become a seller.
The UKs Answer to GEMM
searches 1500 pages of uk record shop catalogues. Brings up search engine results as well as items for sale.. Good for research
Amazon UK (zShops)
Amazon USA (zShops)
Amazon, the booksellers have moved in on the collectors market,
unfortunately their search is poor, does have sellers not listed elsewhere.
Vinyl Only, database, of some 40,000 titles geared towards older music and Dutch titles.

Specialist Collectors Sites
One of the most useful online resources around, Recordmaster is a free online valuation service.
Simply imput details about your record and get the value! Recordmaster relies on people like you to add more information.
Vinyl Record Collector
A vinyl record information Website for the collector in search of rarieties
Hi Fi Heaven
Great resource, links to articles, Ezines, shops and more all over the web highly reccomended, though some of the links are out of date.
Vinyl Bologna
With the opening quote "Because 12 inches is better than ¾", you know you have found a site for vinyl Junkies! 8 Track Heaven
For fans of 8-track tapes and other obsolete audio technology.
Vintage Jazz and Dance Band Music on 78rpm Records and Talkies
A resource site for collectors of popular music 1900-1950
The Rock Record Collectors Association
An information site for collectors of rock music.
The Impossible Discographies
discographies for artists not found anywhere else and links to other discography pages.
Wolverine Antique Music Society
A collectors forum, lots of info on Jazz and Collecting 78s
Rock'n Records Link Pages
Pretty Similar to these Pages, Lots of links to record shops, Split into Vinyl and CD.
Also links to labels and other collector resources.
Collecting Crap records
An irreverant look at your favourite hobby!
XchangeMusic is a UK Based site for music lovers who wish to sell/trade 2nd hand music
Album Discographies
Literally hundreds of label discographies
Spinning Wax
UK based record collecting resource. record fair calender, boot fair, etc
The Vinyl tourist
Packed with info on vinyl, shopping, care and Hi Fi maintanance. Excellent resource
Collect and Swap
Trading community for vinyl and rare records
4 music vinyl forums
Several forums where you can ask about any aspect of vinyl and turntable use.
Dragon Discs
UK Based Pages with lots of Useful Collectors Links and music links
Collecting Picture Sleeves
The premier picture sleeve collecting site on the web today.Over 500 rare scans!
The Motown Albums Discography 1961-1971
Complete US albums discography for Motown, Tamla, Gordy, Soul & Vip.
Song of the Salesman
A site devoted to music used in advertising, search by song or advert!

Online Price Guides
Getting a valuation on records is never easy, these guides may help, for more info on printed guides try on the Selling your Records Page

Record Master
Databases thousands of Prices, Mainly US
UK Rare record price guides
Personal Homepage, Easy to follow links to lots of major acts.

Wanted/For Sale Forums
Posting Your Wants Lists Or Trade Offers To free submission sites is a good way to boost your collection.
An Aussie Free Resource where lots of people buy and sell records and CDs. Prices are in US Dollars
Lazlo's Internet Music Wantslists
You can post wants here with what you are willing to pay, it is read by many dealers.
Code requred is fiddly if you are not computer literate
A handy forum where Dealers and Private collectors buy and Sell
Web Music Collectors
An Italian Site for collectors, features free Ads. Mixture of English and Italian Language content.
Swappers & Collectors Pages
thousands of sites and collectors listed, not just music.
A buy, sell and tade forum, Do Business with other Collectors!
THE site for record collectors! features classifieds and wanted boards.
candekids Vinyl Search Record finding service based in the US

Collectors Magazines

The web may well be the main marketplace now, but you can't beat getting into the small ads of a dedicated collectors Magazine!
Go to these homepages to subscribe..

Record Mart and Buyer UK
Started in 1998, and now well established. Lots of freebies and competitions.
Record Collector UK
The UKs oldest collector Mag, The website is still new and small.
Goldmime USA
The premier Stateside collectors mag.

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