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MORE MUSIC Record Grading System

Below is a synopsis of our grading system.
Systems like this can only act as a guide and damage should, where possible be desrcibed in detail.

This grading system has been developed by More Music however it compares favourably with the systems used by most dealers.
Feel free to use this system, to reproduce it on your website and to modify it for your own needs. If you find it easier just to link to it the address is:

MINTMThe record is as new. The cover and any inserts should be in perfect condition.
Many Dealers do not use this classification as A record is unlikely to arrive through the post in truly mint condition.
EX+The record is near-mint, there is no damage or visible surface marking. Under Bright Light you may see fine lines on the record, caused by rubbing on the paper sleeve. Reserve this grade for records where you have difficulty spotting anything wrong.
The Cover and inserts are undamaged.
EXCELLENTEXThe record may show some signs of having been played, possibly with light surface marks or fingerprints but there is no appreciable lessening in sound quality.
The cover and packaging might have slight wear and/or creasing.
EX-There may be fairly visible surface markings under bright light but the sound quality if the record is not adversely affected.
The Cover and inserts may have noticeable light creasing or "foxing" due to dampness but they are all present and intact.
VERY GOODVGThe record has obviously been played a lot, but displays no major deterioration in sound quality despite surface marks and some light scratches. Also Use this grading where the record has suffered perhaps one more visible scratch, but is otherwise in EX or better condition.
The cover may be creased a little and/or frayed at the opening. You should itemize any more serious damage such as tears.
Buying or selling anything in less than VG condition is not recommended, if you sell records in worse condition, expect some to get returned, even if your descriptions were honest.
GOODGThe record has been played so much that the sound quality has been affected noticeably, perhaps with some distortion and clicks due to scratches. The main place to use this classification is for picture discs, where the sound deteriorates more quickly with use.
The cover and inserts may be folded, have minor tears and/or splits at the edges, they have not been looked after.
FAIRFThe record is still just playable, but has not looked after there is a lot surface noise, it may even jump.
The cover and contents will be torn, stained and/or defaced, possibly with chunks missing.
POORN/AThe record will no longer play properly due to the damage.
The Cover will be folded torn and probably incomplete
BADN/AGee, You gotta be desperate to complete your collection to buy this one! It WILL be unplayable, and if you get the cover, treat it as a bonus!


CDs are harder to grade, sometimes CDs that appear mint will not play, other CDs that look wrecked may play fine!
To further complicate the issue damaged CDs may play fine on one player and not on another! For this reason it is not advisable to mail CDs that have scratches on them.

Use EX or EX+ for CDs with no visible marks.
The surface of a CD will mark very easily, one wipe will produce fine lines, describe a CD in this condition as EX-
CDs in card sleeves often show more visible surface rubbing, describe these as VG.

Hold the CD up to the light If you can light through the disc this is more serious. Cover damage to inlays and Digipacks is graded as for records, the Boxes are not graded as they can be replaced.

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