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Below are listed our pages that link to our collecting and music resources.

Collector resources
Main resource page.Covers everything the online shopper and collector may need.If you have not yet used Newsgroups, check out the section relating to them...
Safe Tradingcovers buying, selling and even setting up your own online store.Also discusses what to do if you have been ripped off..
Database/seller sites.These are sites where many dealers pool their stock on one large database.discusses quality of inventory and ease of use from a buyers perspective..
Rare Record Finder.The rare record finder looks at web, email and newsgroups and discusses their relative uses.Read the cautions, we discuss all methods and some are more risky than others
FormatsAn ongoing series of features examining different music formats, their care and collectabilityFormats analyzed so far:
Acetates | Bootlegs | Cut-outs | Pirates | Promos
UK Record Fair Dates.Calender of Record Fairs for the year ahead.We do our best to keep this page up to date, it is sometimes behind.
Music Resources
Main Music PageLinks to music sites by Genre or region.A little neglected, but still has a lot of useful links!
The History of VinylNeville Moffat Traces recorded music back to the earliest inventorsPlease start here!

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