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A collection of links and tips to help you find elusive and deleted records / CDs

These Links have been condensed from The More Music resource Site
and include only those links which relate to finding records or CDs! The Notes on P2P and file sharing at the end are deliberately kept brief

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| Last Updated March 2009

If you Don't know the album name to use this section.. | Skip
Finding just one song??
If you are looking for a song and do not know what album(s) it is on, first go to CDDB (Gracenote) and search for the song title.
Once you know what album it is on, using the rest of this page should be easy!
Unfortunately CDDB lists only CDs, so if you can't find it, it may still be available, but only on vinyl or tape.
If you Don't know the Song name to use this section.. | Skip
Only know the Lyrics??
There are actually a heap of dedicated lyric search engines, but they are a little dissapointing. If you fail to get any matches, type a shorter string of lyrics, this should bring results, but they may be from the wrong song!
Try here to search several. Good Luck!
Often more effective is to type the lyrics into the Google Search Engine. To limit your results type the words you know in inverted commas, followed by the word Lyrics ("Your lyrics here" lyrics) More search help
If you cannot find your song from the above links there is one more option... Email the dealers on Recwants and Vinylsale with as much info as you can provide. (See under Email, below).

Music Marketplaces (Portals)

These are sites where hundreds of Dealers upload their inventories to a searchable database. They may have millions of items listed, each portal works differently Read Reviews.
I have tried to list them in order of usefulness, (best first)

GEMM (Global Electronic Music Marketplace) The Biggest
MusicStack Secondhand Only
Netsounds Predominantly UK dealers
CDandLP French site, great for obscure European titles
Discogs User built, Only items in the database, can be sold. great for dance vinyl
Half.com usually more common titles, mostly small private sellers
Amazon Marketplace (UK) (US)

Advantages Can check a large number of items with one simple search. Some eg Musicstack allow you to isloate formats
Disadvantages Some dealers upload inventories of items they believe they can order in...Then take weeks or Months to find the item is not available. Check dealer feedback before ordering. there are some very good dealers and some that are not worth ordering from!

Auctions (Ebay)

In this area eBay are completely dominant. Auctions only last a few days, so it is hard to snag that item when it is up for grabs, Ebay now allow long term listings but due to their high fees many sellers charge more for the same item, Check the portals above before buying!
If you find nothing click Save This Search and they will notify you by email when an item matching your query is listed.

Advantages Easy to search, might get a bargain!
Disadvantages Stuff often sells for way above the market value

BIG Secondhand Shops

There were always gonna be shops that have hoarded stock and have such a big secondhand inventory that searching them may well be worthwhile...

Vinyl/CD, Esprit International (UK/USA) specialists in Promos and rare pressings.
CD, Second spin (USA) CDs only, fully databased.


Moremusic offer a unique page where You can email lots of dealers from one page
The page is Here please Only email under the genre that most suits your wanted item.
Also worth trying are the Recwants Email list Also go back to MusicStack. Where the wants service is well read by dealers.

Advantages Quite successful, many big dealers participate.
Disadvantages Moremusic is UK only, and fiddly to use with Microsoft Internet explorer.

Search engines

Some Search Engines try to reference the entire web and may lead you directly to an item for sale!
The main one these days is Google, Type the full artist and title to narrow your search If either artist or title is longer than a single word put the words in Quotes E.g. "Depeche Mode" "Just Can't Get Enough".
Froogle Is a project by Google which is actively indexing shop databases. Still in beta testing this exciting project could one day make all our searches a lot easier!
Advantages If the item is for sale you will fall right onto the page where it is listed!
Disadvantages Turns up lots of useless links or worse still links to pages that are out of date.


Newsgroups are an underused resource, but can be risky (See Below). simply click on the links below and post your wantslist, do not post to other newsgroups without reading their charters first!

If clicking the links above fails to activate your news programme, that is just a sign of the times, the Usenet is the old internet and no one seems to care that much about this great resource any more! All is not lost, Google Groups Provide a web interface with the usenet, it is not that easy to use!

Advantages Read by many traders who do not have websites!
Disadvantages More likely to meet fraudsters, by posting wantslists you risk this. Do not be afraid to post on the newsgroup asking if an individual who has contacted you is reputable Posting to the Usenet can expose your email address to spam

Wanted Lists

These were outdated when this page was first written a decade ago, now defunct

Contact Label

OK, this may sound desperate, but it has worked for me when tracking down recent releases
try searching for labels on Google or in the Yahoo directory

Advantages Can work! labels often have old stock lying around.
Disadvantages Only suitable for relatively recent releases

Contact Artist

Same as for Label
Almost every artist has a Myspace You will need to be a member to message the band, alternatively try Artist Direct. or one of the bigger search engines.

Advantages Good for very small bands, who may arrange their own distribution.
Disadvantages Only good for small bands, also realistically the release must be fairly recent.

Will a copy suffice?

Really stuck and just want to hear the tune, It may well be for sale on Itunes or you can steal it using Limewire. For the older generation who love the product downloads and file sharing will never feel right

Advantages If You just need the song, this may work!
Disadvantages You can never hold and stroke the packaging! Peer To peer networks and downloaded files may carry virii and trojans, your computer may be compromised, your identity stolen, your online bank account drained and much much more!.

Suggestions and additions to this page can be emailed to info@moremusic.co.uk Useful links will be added to the online version and will benefit collectors like yourself

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