Sending your wantslist

The main thing to remember when emailing other people is that their computer may not be compatable with yours
Us record dealers tend to spend depressingly little on our computers, so the software of the people you are emailing is probably not as new as your own!

  "Drag and drop"   
If your list is quite short, please simply put it inside your email.
Highlight the list by dragging your mouse over it with the left button depressed. then right click on the highlighted text and select "copy".
Open your email and in the body of the email right click again and select "paste".

with longer lists this may not be practical, mainly because your email will wrap the text, destroying the original structure of the list and making it very hard to read.
In this case you may need to send the list as an attachment.

  Important hint  
Some internet servers do not support sending attachments to multiple recipients. Worse still, they will probably simply remove the attachment and not tell you!
To check your attachment has been sent add your own email address in the "to" field of your email. (add it after all the others)
You should get a copy of your own message, if you do not get it, or the attachment is missing, you may need to send it to each person individually!!

The option to "Attach file" should be easy to find in your email program, it may be visible as a paper clip icon.
Please only send plain Text files, these will have the file extension .txt
Programs like word and Exel may look great on your PC, but may be unreadable to the person you send them to. They can also carry viruses.

  Converting to Text  
In most word processing packages there is an option to "Save As" Once you select this option you will get a list of file types. Select "Plain text (*.txt)" or Text Only" Sometimes in Microsoft Word, the "file type" option may be grey. In this case select "Options" then "Save Word file as"
If you are using Exel save as "Tab Delimited Text"
If your package does not offer a plain text option you will need to use the "Drag and drop" method described at the start of this page to copy the text and paste it into notepad.
notepad can be found in the start menu of windows, go to programs then accessories. Sorry I don't know what the equivalent is on Apple, if an Apple user would like to email me I will add the info!

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