Crotchet LogoWe have an associate arrangement with the Crotchet Web Store of the purchase of Classical Music, Jazz and Film Soundtracks. The Crotchet Web Store consists of 10 Departments specifically focussed on Classical Music, Jazz and Film Soundtracks. Their prices are considerably less than those found in normal UK High Street Stores. The Crotchet Web Store delivers to customers around the world. Follow this link for more information about the Crotchet Web Store. If you wish to visit the Crotchet Web Store follow this link to the main Classical Department.

From here you can also search the database of the Crotchet Web Store. Enter your search words into the relevant box. You will achieve the best results by using single words and not sentences. You can use multiple words. For example symphony 5 will find symphony no.5. or to display titles by James Horner just key james horner in the composer box. If you are seeking a specific title e.g. Titanic then just key the word titanic in the titles box. Please note no words such as and/or nor signs such as + are required.

To avoid confusion we use the abreviation Qt for Quartet when refering to an artist or ensemble and quartet when refering to a composer's work. For example Emerson String Qt. The easiest way to find CDs by the Emerson String Qt or any ensemble is simply to enter their name such as emerson. To find the Quartetto Italiano use italiano. A composer's quartet is NOT abreviated i.e. Schubert String Quartet in D minor D810.


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Please Note: We have included a search box for Catalogue No. and if you know the number please use this box. However if the search does not find the item do not panic because numbers vary between countries. If you have any problems please contact Customer Services at the Crotchet Web Store.